WWE superstar Roman Reigns announces stunning wife Galina is pregnant with twins… again – The Sun

THEY say lightning doesn't strike twice but WWE superstar Roman Reigns has against all odds revealed his wife is pregnant with a second set of twins.

The Big Dog is already the proud father of three children – including twin boys – but is set to see his brood expand to five.

In an interview with Muscle & Fitness via TMZ, he said: "3 [kids] with 2 in the oven.

"So, I'm looking to be a Papa Bear of five! Breaking news! We haven't shared that."

Reigns, 34, has had to tackle bouts of leukaemia throwing both his health and WWE career into doubt.

He revealed he first was diagnosed aged 22 but Reigns – real name Leati Joseph Anoa'i – quickly made it into remission.

Tragically the leukaemia returned in October 2018 and he was forced out of wrestling for four months.

The star pulled out of WrestleMania36 and many thought it may be due to his history of health issues but his latest announcement suggests it could have been much better news.

Recent reports suggested the wrestling giant was being monitored with concerns his immune system had been weakened by cancer and he was vulnerable to the coronavirus as a result. 

Reigns' stunning wife Galina is expecting another set of twins after giving birth to boys in 2016.

The odds of having two sets of twins naturally are a massive 12,500 to one!

The gorgeous couple tied the knot six years ago and have an 11-year-old daughter called Joelle but are set to extend their happy family even further.




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