You can now go glamping at lush Mt. Everest base camps

Base camp at Mt. Everest is about to get a lot more chic — luxury tents with beds and electricity, bars, gourmet grub and even 5G mobile reception.

Expedition leader Furtenbach Adventures vows to give its exclusive clients a true “glamping” experience when they scale the world’s highest peak, founder Lukas Furtenbach told The Times of London. Most people who take on the challenge stay in a basic tent, sleep in a sleeping bag and get an oxygen tank.

“Every climber has a two-room stand-up tent with a bed, desk, electricity and Wi-Fi, and large lounge tents with a bar, movie screening, library, hot showers. Last year we even had a sauna and infrared cabin powered with a clean fuel cell,” Furtenbach told the Times. “And wherever possible clients can fly in and out from base camp by helicopter.’

Furtenbach’s climbers have the help of at-home acclimatization exercises and additional oxygen.

In the past few years, Everest has become increasingly packed as thousands look to conquer it — and the crush has proved deadly for scores.

New rules designed to stop overcrowding on the deadly mountain were implemented last year after 11 climbers died on Mount Everest— nine on the Nepali side and two on the Tibetan side. Many perished when a rush to climb the mountain during a short window of suitable weather in late May led to a “traffic jam” near the summit.

Nepal has traditionally issued climbing permits to anyone prepared to pay the $11,000 fee, handing out a record 381 passes this year. With essential Sherpas and guides added, more than 800 people were trying to reach the summit during the short weather window. Cleaners later found tons of trash, climbing gear and corpses around base camp.

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