You Can Wreak Havoc as Godzilla With His Atomic Breath in Latest 'GTA V' Mod

Notorious GTA V modder JulioNIB is back again, this time creating an impressive Godzilla mod for fans of the King of the Monsters.

While many other Godzilla mods currently exist for the eight-year-old game, the new option currently in development by the name behind other mods including Thanos and Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame, the Predator, and the Crysis Nanosuit comes complete with the massive kaiju’s iconic Atomic Breath attack, allowing you to wreak havoc across Los Santos. While buildings and most infrastructure in the game are indeed non-destructible, the heat ray will still annihilate any vehicles in your path, whether they’re cars, police helicopters, or military jets. The sheer scale of the Godzilla mod is fantastic enough, giving you a chance to stomp through the city from the viewpoint of a gigantic monster towering over your enemies.

Unfortunately for GTA V players, JulioNIB’s new Godzilla mod is still in its early stages of development, but you can check out the gameplay video above while you wait for its future release.

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