Your October 2021 Horoscope Is Here, And A Bunch Of Planets Are Causing A Ruckus

Some months, you just kinda cruise through life. Yeah… that’s not happening this October. There’s a lot happening, thanks to several planets shifting direction.

Just a heads up: Mercury is retrograde until the 18th. And, while people tend to freak out whenever Mercury goes retrograde, it’s not the end of the universe. (ICYDK, it happens three times a year, and the Earth just keeps on turning.) But life won’t exactly be easy RN—this one will have you rethinking your romantic relationships and friendships. Plus, on the 6th, the new moon in Libra happens at the same time as Pluto goes direct, which can shake things up in your personal life. You want everyone to get along, but as The Rolling Stones would say, “You can’t always get what you want.” Sigh.

When Saturn goes direct on the 10th, you’ll mull over what exactly you want to accomplish in life. What do you want to be remembered for, and are you on the right track? But, when Jupiter goes direct on the 18th, you’ll have a huge urge to just get after it already. You’ll really dive in to projects at work and set yourself up for the next big promotion.

FYI: Good things are coming your way on the 20th with the full moon in Aries. Are you ready for it? You better be!

Here’s what else is in store for your zodiac sign this month, according to Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology.

Big, big things are coming in your career, Aries. On the 7th, Venus will push you to learn something new to help you move up in your field. So, when that free workshop pops up? You know what to do. Plus, Saturn moves direct on the 10th, making it a strong time to network. Tell your buddies you’re in the market for a new gig—someone knows of a perfect opportunity for you.

On the 20th, the full moon will turn up something new and exciting for you, even if it’s as seemingly minor as trying a different workout class. You’ll feel amazing on the 23rd when the Sun moves into Scorpio—it’ll help you really hit your stride.

Are you ready to make some magic happen in your life, Taurus? The new moon on the 6th is in a sector of your chart about your day-to-day, a.k.a. it’s the perfect time to switch up your exercise routine, eating plan, and more. Even something as simple as adding more greens to your plate on the reg will make you feel so, so good.

On the career front, you’ll be ready to buckle down and get sh*t done. It won’t go unnoticed: Something big is coming your way work-wise, as early as next month. The full moon on the 20th brings a good reminder to take care of you. So, go home after a long day, pour a glass of wine, and just chill. You so deserve it.

There’s a lot happening in your life, Gem, but the new moon on the 6th has your back. It’ll help you keep all the chaos sorted and push you to move forward. Mercury is retrograde for the first part of the month, making you wonder what really makes you happy. (And, ya know, are you actually doing it?)

Later, the full moon on the 20th focuses on friendships, making it the perfect time for a girls’ night out. As for work…you’re showing up and kicking booty, obviously, but you’ll be motivated to have a life outside of your job. Do you have the right balance, or is there room for improvement? Figuring that out now will do your overall happiness a solid down the road.

Your home is your haven, right? And you’ll be all about that mantra this month, thanks to the new moon on the 6th. You’ll stock up on new sheets, scented candles, throw pillows…if it makes your place feel even homier, you’re so there.

On the 20th, the full moon is in a sector of your chart about career, inspiring a solid think about your work-life balance. If you snag a new job opportunity, is it going to take over you life or could it be even better for you? Do you research before signing on.

There’s a time to buckle down in life, Leo, and then there’s those moments when you just need to let loose. Welcome to October. Venus moves into a sector of your chart on the 7th about following your heart, encouraging you to just have a good time. So, grab your girls and get out there—you’re bound to have all kinds of new adventures together.

The full moon on the 20th is in a sector of your chart about knowledge and education, making you wonder if you want to do something else. (You’re an awesome armchair expert, after all…) When the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd, you’ll be ready to kick back and chill at home. Ahh.

You’re usually pretty good with money, Virgo, and that means it’s more than okay to splurge here and there. Well, the new moon on the 6th is going to push you to spend a li’l of that hard-earned cash. Those new boots you’ve been lusting after since forever? They’ll just happen to make their way into your cart—and at a discount, TYVM.

At the same time, though, you’ll realize you want to bring a little more moula into your life (cha-ching!). Is there room to make more at your current job, or is it time to look for something better? You won’t have to think on it for long: Jupiter moves direct on the 18th, opening up new opportunities for you.

This is your month, Libra—what are you going to do with it? You’ll kick things off with the new moon in your sign, pushing you to go after what you want. That’s coupled with some sweet Pluto energy keeping you focused. Whether it’s getting a new PR on your run or going for that new job, expect to be on your A-game.

Speaking of your career… you’ll have plenty of new opportunities coming your way, but do your research before diving into something new. You don’t want to make a move just for the heck of it, ya know? Overall, though, you’ll feel powerful all month long—don’t let it go to waste.

You like to live your life with no regrets, Scorpio, but the new moon on the 6th will make you think about what did and didn’t work for you over the past year. Whatever conclusions you make, no biggie—you’ll just use that info to be even more perfect next year.

BTW: Mars is sending some serious energy that makes you just want to do your own thing. Sure, you love to hang out with friends, but sometimes, you need to go home, turn off your phone, and just ~be~.

When the Sun moves into your sign on the 23rd, you’ll wonder what’s next for you on the career front. Listen to your gut before making a move—it won’t steer you wrong.

Get ready for a sweet, sweet month, Sag. You’ll kick things off with the new moon on the 6th in your house of friendships, making it the perfect time to ~actually~ have that girls’ night you’ve all been talking about for ages.

When Venus shifts into your sign on the 7th, you’ll look and feel amazing. Did you change up your hair or something? Because, wow. You’ll be having so much fun this month that work won’t necessarily be your top priority. Still, a friend will hear of an awesome opp that you won’t want to pass up. Jump on that—it could be life-changing.

You put in good, quality work on the regular, but this October, expect to get some serious recognition. It’s all thanks to the new moon hanging out in your natural house of career on the 6th. While people will notice your amazing skills, don’t be afraid to speak up in an interview or meeting about what you actually accomplished. Hey, it’s not bragging—it’s being honest.

When Saturn shifts into a sector of your chart on the 10th about finances, you’ll look for ways to bring more cash into your life. The full moon on the 20th brings a reminder not to neglect your personal life in your quest for career domination. What are your limits, so you don’t burn yourself out?

You’ll kick off October with the new moon in your house of travel, making you want to get out there and explore. The world is your oyster, so…where do you want to go? Meanwhile, on the work front, you’ll be ready to ramp up your knowledge. What else can you do that’ll look good on your resume?

Jupiter goes direct on the 18th, making it an ideal time to take a risk, whether it’s personal or professional. And, when the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd, you’ll get some much-deserved career recognition. Don’t be shy about receiving praise—you earned it.

You’ll really get your name out there this month, Pisces, and it’s all thanks to Venus hanging out in a sector of your chart about being recognized. Don’t be surprised if your LinkedIn inbox is crammed with requests from recruiters. After all, you’re worth it.

The full moon on the 20th makes you wonder what you need in life to feel safe and secure—more money? A more stable job? Figuring that out now will pay off down the road. On the 23rd, when the Sun moves into Scorpio, you’ll feel a sense of peace. You know who you can trust, and you’ve made a pretty sweet life for yourself. Congrats!

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