YouTuber Buys World's Largest Sony PlayStation 5 for $70,000 USD

YouTuber ZHC has just revealed the largest working Sony PlayStation 5. Divulging that it cost him $70,000 USD to acquire, the large PS5 stands at ten feet in height and weighs over 500 pounds.

In the video, ZHC puts the hulking console at the center of a 100-hour challenge where he went up against a team of artists to see who could do the best job at customizing the side panels of the PS5. The most impressive thing about the large PlayStation 5 is that it comes with a fully-functioning controller. While the DualSense wireless capabilities most likely do not work, it is fun to watch a team of players manically mash the large buttons while moving the huge joysticks.

Catch the first bit of the video above to witness the scale of the 10-foot Sony PlayStation 5, and to see it in action playing Minecraft.

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