Lionel Messi ‘almost sprains ankle’ with every free-kick as Barcelona star perfects bizarre technique from dead balls – The Sun

LIONEL MESSI has trained his body to almost "sprain his own ankle" to perfect his free-kick technique. The Barcelona forward is one of the best set-piece takers in world football having scored his 50th career free-kick earlier this season. Messi, a six-time Ballon d'Or winner, manages to produce a remarkable amount of curve on the ball that even David Beckham […]

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Stars who have revealed their bipolar diagnosis

Hollywood hasn’t exactly been the friendliest to those with mental illnesses throughout the years. “Cinema has long been bad news for the mentally ill, typically representing them as the likes of Psycho‘s Norman Bates,” wrote The Guardian in 2010, adding, “Film-makers have treated them as conveniently dehumanized as useful monsters, inviting cinemagoers to assume they should be feared, shunned and […]

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