10 Years Younger fans left open-mouthed at nurse's dazzling transformation after 'worst year of her life'

10 Years Younger fans were left stunned at the nurse's dazzling transformation.

Trained nurse Alison, 48, appeared on the show after describing 2020 as the 'worst year of her life.'

The care home manager has been working on the front lines and admitted the stress of dealing with the coronavirus took a toll on her appearance.

Alison, single mother to 12-year-old Jack, said: "2020 was the most difficult year in my career as a nurse. The numbers were incredibly high.

“We had to sit and hold the hands of people that were passing away, their families couldn’t come in and see them, it was awful."

She added: “We didn’t know what we were dealing with and we did the best we could but we lost people along the way. And that’s something that’s had a massive impact on me and the way I see life. Life is for living and I never really lived my life.”

After members of the public confirmed she looked six years older than her actual age, Alison sought the help of the experts on the Channel 5 show to help her out.

The nurse shared: "I see these dark bags under my eyes, wrinkles. My mouth is just down, I don’t feel like I look like me anymore.”

She added: “It’s been tough, constant work, seven days a week, I was exhausted. I used to be the life and soul of the party and didn’t care what anybody thought.

“I was always the first one on the dance floor, making a fool of myself and now I just hide.”

Her transformation began by first visiting skin specialist Nilam Holmes who used a skin cleaning treatment and microneedling to give Alison a more youthful look.

The 48-year-old was also given drip therapy, a manicure, eyelash extension and a stunning new haircut.

Standing at 6ft tall, Alison revealed she is conscious of her height, but the experts told her to see her height as a blessing and show off her legs more.

Once her new look was complete, public perception completely changed as her average age changed from 54 to 44, a decade younger than they thought she previously looked.

The delighted nurse is now more confident in her appearance and is even considering dating again.

She said: “I’m still there. I got a little bit lost but I found me again.

“Since doing the show, I’ve joined a couple dating apps and have been on a few dates but haven’t met the right person yet.

“It’s been difficult during lockdown and putting yourself out there is a bit scary! But there’s some really nice people out there to chat to and get to know so hopefully sometime soon Mr Right will appear.”

Viewers were dazzled by the transformation with many flocking to social media to share their emotional reaction to the Channel 5 show.

"I am crying buckets tonight #10yearsyounger," one fan wrote.

While another said: "I shed so many happy tears over this programme."

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