19 celebrity cameos in Friends you might have forgotten about

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Friends never gets old does it? However many years pass, we always return to the hit comedy whenever we need a pick-me-up. While the main cast were rightly the stars of the show, throughout its ten-year run many big names from Hollywood appeared for cameos, and royalty too! There were so many stars that were dotted throughout the show that you may have forgotten some, so here we’ve rounded up our pick of some of the best. Enjoy!


Sarah Ferguson

Yes that’s right, the Duchess of York appeared in Friends in The One with Ross’s Wedding after bumping into Joey (Matt LeBlanc) on the gang’s trip to London. Richard Branson and Hugh Laurie guest-starred in this episode, too!

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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt. Not too much else to say, right? The film hunk appeared in The One with the Rumour as Rachel’s high school enemy. Brad was married to Jennifer at the time (we’re still not over that break up) so fans were loving seeing them together on-screen.

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Julia Roberts

Hollywood A-Lister Julia Roberts appeared as childhood classmate of Chandler who ends up playing a prank on him on a date in The One After the Superbowl. This double length episode also saw Brooke Shields, Jean-Claude Van Damme and singer Chris Isaak also guest star.

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Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis had arguably one of the best cameos in the show. He starred as the scary father of Ross’ girlfriend Elizabeth in The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth’s Dad, and a couple of episodes after also.

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George Clooney

At the time when George Clooney appeared in The One with Two Parts, he was the heartthrob of hit medical drama ER, so it was only right that he played a doctor in his cameo, too. He and fellow ER on-screen doctor Noah Wyle end up going on a double date with Monica and Rachel, but it doesn’t quite go to plan.

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Gary Oldman

Batman actor Gary Oldman appeared in The One With Monica and Chandler’s Wedding as Joey’s drunk co-star that lands him late to Monica and Chandler’s wedding.

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Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union has appeared in some of the best teen-movies over the years: Bring it On, Ten Things I Hate About You and more. The actress played Kristen Lang in The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress.

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Winona Ryder

Stranger Things actress Winona Ryder appeared in The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss as her old college friend, Melissa. Rachel finds herself in an awkward situation when she finds out Melissa’s in love with her.

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Reese Witherspoon

A-List actor and Jennifer Aniston’s BFF in real-life, Reese Witherspoon, appeared as Rachel’s other spoilt and difficult sister Jill in The One with Rachel’s Sister and ends up, awkwardly, dating Ross!

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Anna Faris

Erica is the surrogate for Monica and Chandler’s baby (spoiler: it ends up being twins) played by Anna Farris. We first meet her in The One with the Birth Mother and she pops up frequently until the final episode.

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Elle Macpherson

Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson starred as Joey’s new roommate Janine in The One Where Phoebe Runs. Elle appeared in a couple of episodes after, too, when her character and Joey end up dating.

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Freddie Prinze Jr

Scooby Doo and She’s All That actor Freddie Prinze Jr stars as Sandy, Ross and Rachel’s male nanny in The One With The Male Nanny. Sadly, Ross ends up firing him, so he doesn’t stay long.

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Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller appeared in The One With The Screamer as Rachel’s boyfriend, Tommy, the first guy she dates after her split from Ross, but it doesn’t last long as Tommy decides to scream at everything and everyone.

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Christina Applegate

We first meet Christina Applegate as Amy Greene (Rachel’s spoilt and difficult sister) during the Thanksgiving episode where she and Rachel end up getting into a fight. The Dead To Me actress then appears again in The One where Rachel’s Sister Babysits.

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Dakota Fanning

A young Dakota Fanning stars as Mackenzie in The One With Princess Consuela. Mackenzie is the little girl who lives in the house that Monica and Chandler are buying, and ends up forming a pact with Joey.

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Danny DeVito

Star of Matilda, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Twins, Danny DeVito appeared as the stripper in The One Where The Stripper Cries. He turns up as Officer Goodbody to Phoebe’s bachelorette party – much to their surprise – and ends up getting emotional when he realises his career is, erm, over. Ellen Pompeo, of Grey’s Anatomy fame, also guest stars in this episode!

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Denise Richards

Denise starred as cousin Cassie in The One With Ross and Monica’s Cousin, but things got a little awkward between her and Ross…

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Robin Williams and Billy Crystal

The late, great Robin Williams had a cameo in The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion along with fellow comedy actor and When Harry Met Sally star Billy Crystal. The two get into a hilarious public spat in the coffee house when the former finds out the latter’s character was having an affair with his wife.

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Susan Sarandon

Thelma and Louise star Susan Sarandon popped up in The One With Joey’s New Brain as Cecilia Monroe, an actress in Days of Our Lives, and who Joey takes over from.

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