22 Wildest 'Masked Singer' Identity Reveals, From Sarah Palin to Lil Wayne (Photos)

We’ll see who gets added to this list after Wednesday’s Season 3 finale

The third season of Fox’s “The Masked Singer” comes to a close Wednesday with a finale that will see the three remaining contestants duke it out for the Golden Mask trophy. And while we don’t yet know which celebrities are competing in the Frog, Turtle and Night Angel costumes, we do know that it’s gonna be hard for their secret identities to top some of the wildest reveals we’ve seen over the whacky, smash-hit singing competition’s first three installments. Click through TheWrap’s gallery to find “The Masked Singer’s” 22 most shocking unmaskings, from Sarah Palin to Lil Wayne.Also Read: 14 Highest-Rated Broadcast Shows of 2019-20 TV Season, From ‘Masked Singer’ to ‘NCIS’ (Photos)

Contestant: Terry Bradshaw   Costume: Deer   Season: 1Oh deer, we never saw this coming.

Contestant: Tori Spelling  Costume: Unicorn   Season: 1A spellbinding competitor. 

Contestant: Ricki Lake    Costume: Raven    Season: 1We were heartbroken to find out we’d see this contest nevermore on the show — but the elimination left our hearts pounding.

Contestant: Joey Fatone    Costume:  Rabbit    Season: 1Every-bunny was happy to see this former boy bander.

Contestant: La Toya Jackson   Costume:  Alien   Season: 1Truly an out-of-this-world unveiling.

Contestant:  Donny Osmond    Costume: Peacock    Season: 1Birds of a feather flocked together on the first “Masked Singer” finale, with Donny Osmund being among the iconic singers revealed.

Contestant: Gladys Knight   Costume: Bee  Season: 1It stung when we didn’t guess this one.

Contestant: T-Pain    Costume: Monster   Season: 1The winner of “The Masked Singer’s” debut season was our furry friend who kept the monstrous secret of his identity until the very end.

Contestant: Seal    Costume: Leopard    Season: 2The only thing crazier than Seal’s reveal was the fact he didn’t pick a seal costume.

Contestant: Patti LaBelle   Costume: Flower   Season: 2Pattie freakin’ LaBelle. That’s it.

Contestant: Dr. Drew Pinsky     Costume: Eagle    Season: 2Dr. Drew drew us in all season as the patriotic bird.

Contestant: Kelly Osbourne    Costume: Ladybug    Season: 2We were bugging out over Kelly’s reveal.

Contestant: Paul Shaffer    Costume: Skeleton    Season: 2No bones about it, this unmasking left us shook.

Contestant: Wayne Brady   Costume: Fox    Season: 2Wayne Brady won Season 2 in this dapper mask and outfoxed all of us with his identity. 

Contestant: Lil Wayne   Costume: Robot  Season: 3″The Masked Singer” kicked off its third season after this year’s Super Bowl with the bombshell reveal that Lil Wayne — a not so lil’ presence in the music industry — was the first celeb eliminated from the competition. 

Contestant: Sarah Palin   Costume: Bear  Season: 3The Bear got back — and one of the most wild reveals in the history of “The Masked Singer.”

Contestant: Chaka Khan    Costume: Miss Monster   Season: 3Miss Monster was a fan favorite from the start and even more so after her mask came off.

Contestant: Tony Hawk   Costume: Elephant   Season: 3Fans flipped over the pro skateboarder’s less-than-amateur performances.

Contestant: Dionne Warwick   Costume: Mouse    Season: 3This Grammy winner blew everyone away while busting out those powerful pipes under a meek and dainty costume.

Contestant: Rob Gronkowski    Costume: White Tiger    Season: 3Watching Gronk take off his big cat mask had us roaring with delight.

Contestant: Bella Thorne    Costume: Swan    Season: 3The celeb under the Swan mask turned out to be no ugly duckling.

Contestant: Jordyn Woods   Costume:  Kangaroo    Season: 3We were hopping — er, hoping it was her!
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