90 Day Fiance: The real reason Jovi almost ended his engagement to Yara

For 90 Day Fiancé fans, it’s no surprise that some couples are on the outs before filming. From grappling with long-distance love to getting to know future in-laws, the couples on Season 8 of the hit TLC series already have the odds stacked against them. Add in some reality TV drama, get the cameras rolling, and some scandals are guaranteed to ensue. 

New couple Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya seem to be like a match made in Instagram heaven on the surface, yet they have had their fair share of problems too. The season premiere featured their love story from Jovi’s perspective: a New Orleans-based playboy, he surprisingly settled down with Ukrainian beauty Yara. While Yara just landed in the U.S. on the K-1 visa in Episode 2, it seems they have a few things to figure out in the 90 days before tying the knot. Keep scrolling to find out why Jovi almost broke off their engagement months prior. 

Jovi and Yara are making it work after having an unexpected loss

An underwater engineer, Jovi travels the world for work. He matched with fiancé Yara on a dating app while in the Ukraine. Their expected one-night stand turned into a longterm relationship, and Yara accompanied Jovi on his travels. Six months into dating, the couple received unexpected news: Yara was pregnant. Jovi quickly proposed before applying for the K-1 visa so Yara could move to America to start their family. According to TV Insider, Yara suffered a miscarriage during the visa process, and Jovi questioned going through with the marriage. However, the loss brought them closer together and Jovi stuck around. Onscreen, the couple still plan on going through with a wedding. 

Jovi’s friends and family are skeptical, though, about whether he’s ready to settle down. The couple have already had some issues with the relocation, as Yara began complaining about how dirty New Orleans is during the second episode. “Ukraine may be poor but it looks better,” she told the camera. 

Yara later took to social media to defend her self-described “rude and cold” behavior. “I really don’t know how to talk about feelings,” she said in an Instagram clip. Per Screen Rant, fans have already speculated that the couple are still together in real life. Hopefully they are happy after tying the knot!

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