A Place In The Sun's Jasmine Harman reveals she fell in love with her cameraman while filming in Portugal

A PLACE In The Sun presenter Jasmine Harman has revealed how she fell in love with her cameraman on the show.

The 45-year-old star opened up about the romance that blossomed during filming on the show ahead of its return this month.

She told Saturday magazine: "I met my husband Jon on my first A Place In The Sun.

"We did a pilot in South Africa, but when I filmed my first show for the series in Portugal, he was the cameraman.

"I wouldn’t actually say it was love at first sight, it was more of a slow burn. We met, became great friends and then we fell in love.

"Now we’ve got two children and a dog."

The pair share daughter Joy, seven, and son Albie, five, and live in Surrey when she's not jetting around the world to film the show.

Elsewhere in the interview she explained how she turned down a spot on Celebrity Masterchef because she didn't want to be confronted with a "slab of meat".

The star has been a vegetarian since she was around six and a vegan since 2014.

Last week the star got emotional after a tough workout session as she went back to the gym for the first time in a year.

She said: "“I was literally nearly in tears as I walked into the class and I saw loads of the people that I haven’t seen for a year.

“And I think it’s because we’ve been so deprived of human contact over the last year that I felt emotional.

“But also because, doing the class, I realised how far I have to go to get myself back to any sort of semblance of fitness."

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