After Life season 2 streaming: How to watch After Life online and download

Netflix will be dropping the new series of After Life for fans today (Friday, April 24). The show will be dropping globally and available to watch in the UK from 8am BST. has everything you need to know about how to watch the show online.

How to watch After Life season 2 online

After Life season two will be available to watch on Netflix in its entirety.

There will be six more episodes in the new series, each with a 20-minute running time like the first outing.

You must be a Netflix subscriber to watch the show with the US streaming platform no longer offering a free trial to new users in the UK.

There are three different subscription tiers to suit various budgets with the Basic plan setting you back £5.99 per month, allowing you to watch content only on one screen at a time.


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The intermediate tier is the Standard plan at £8.99 each month and allows subscribers to watch content on two screens simultaneously.

The Premium plan costs £11.99 monthly and will let people watch content on up at four screens all at once.

Netflix allows users to either stream content or download to watch offline.

You can view content on several different portable devices such as tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

Season two of After Life is going to see Tony (played by Ricky Gervais) doing good in his local community.

The first outing saw the grief-stricken widower lashing out at family and friends after the death of his beloved wife Lisa (Kerry Godliman).

While mourning, Tony resorted to nihilism and anger at the world for his loss.

Tony inflicted pain on others, choosing to do and say what he wanted regardless of the effect on the person on the receiving end of his abuse.

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However, thanks to a conversation with fellow widow Anne (Penelope Wilton), he eventually realised the soothing balm to his crippling pain was kindness.

Tony discovered his friends and relatives had been supporting him throughout it all, particularly in his bleaker moments when he mentioned suicide.

This all set Tony up on a redemptive path, which is where season two will continue.

However, fans of the first outing can expect more of the same expletive-laden humour as the first outing.


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Season two will also see if things progressed between Tony and care home nurse Emma (Ashley Jensen).

There will be some doom and gloom thrown in as well with the local newspaper and Tony’s employer facing closure.

The only form of distraction in the village will come by way of a local amateur dramatics production to lighten the mood.

Previously speaking to NME about the show, Ricky Gervais said in 2019: “There’s a lot of flavours.

“Some people will enjoy ot, some will love it, some people will hate it. Most people won’t know it exists, so I’m all for that.”

He went on to joke: “If you don’t like me, another actor is coming along any minute. It is the comedy cast of the century even if you don’t like every single person. It’s amazing.”

Gervais explained: “I think all the people who like [my previous work] might be a bit surprised by this because it’s the furthest I’ve gone: the most dramatic, the darkest, the most uncompromised.”

After Life season 2 is released on Netflix today

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