All Creatures Great and Smalls James Herriot star hints at baby with Helen

All Creatures Great and Small’s Nicholas Ralph on animal co-stars

In a new interview, All Creatures Great and Small star Nicholas Ralph addressed his future on the Channel 5 show and teased fans with a new addition to the show.

When asked what his wish was for James and Helen in series four, Nicholas shared: “More of the same.

“I mean they have now come together, they live together, and they’re very much a team.

“And I think it is just a flourishing of that and it’s a new stage in the relationship…so the flourishing of this slightly more mature stage of the relationship.

“And we know around this time as well that back in the 1930s 40s that families…children were not far off.

“So if there was a pitter patter of tiny feet that comes that could be quite cool as well.”

He continued: “Who knows when that might be, I certainly know that is something I want for them in the future.”

In the latest series of All Creatures Great and Small, fans were left in tears after Tristan (played by Callum Woodhouse) paid a moving tribute to his brother Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West).

Tristan had been called out to volunteer in the war effort, and in emotional scenes, he said goodbye to his brother and friends over a Christmas dinner.

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When chatting about James saying goodbye to Tristan, the actor continued in the Masterpiece Studio podcast: “He has a lot of admiration for him and I think he has admiration for him anyway for various different things.

“It’s lovely to see how they helped one another out through the seasons and Tristan very much helped James out towards the start and then you can see those roles reversed and James would offer Tristan advice.”

“He’s not looking through this through rose-tinted glasses either…because it’s very real-time and of course, for our characters, we don’t know World War Two.

When quizzed on whether James will follow in Tristan’s footsteps and leave to fight in the war effort, Nicholas added: “I don’t know.

“James went off and went through training and everything and he was pretty close to getting up in the air.

“He was one of the top of his class when it came to flying and then a medical condition meant he couldn’t return.

“So TBC (to be confirmed), we know very little the actors on the show. I am excited to see how that will play out.”

All Creatures Great and Small will return to Channel 5 later this year.

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