Andor release time explained ahead of Disney Plus arrival

Star Wars: Disney releases new Andor trailer

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Andor is due to arrive on Disney Plus on September 21 and the series stars Diego Luna as the title character. Set five years before the events of Rogue One, the Star Wars series takes place when the Rebel Alliance is forming against the Galactic Empire. has all you need to know about what time the series arrives.

What time is Andor on Disney Plus?

Andor sees Diego Luna reprise his role from the Rogue One film for this 12-episode series, playing a thief who becomes a revolutionary.

The first three episodes will all arrive at the same time on Disney Plus, with the remaining episodes airing weekly.

With this in mind, the finale for the first season is expected to air on November 23.

Fans will be pleased to hear a second season, made up of 12 episodes, is already in development.

As for what time the first three episodes of season one will air, fans can expect the show to drop at 8am in the UK.

For those watching in the US, they should be able to access the new episodes from midnight Pacific Time and 3am Eastern Time.

The series was originally scheduled to air on August 31, with two episodes dropping at the same time.

However, in July, it was announced the series would be delayed by a month as the creators needed time to develop the characters.

Speaking on why the show was delayed, Diego told Digital Spy: “Basically, the big idea behind the push was how do we make sure audiences get to understand what the show will be about?

“What this show is bringing, and what we’re aiming for? And how ambitious it is?

“To understand that, I think you need to be able to see three episodes.

“That was a very smart move, to say, ‘We want you to understand what the show is going to bring to you. If you’re going to invest your time in our show, you need to understand the big game.'”

The star was excited for the series to delve deeper into the already-established characters, as well as shine a light on some new players.

He said he was glad fans could watch three instalments at once, rather than watching just one and then waiting a week for more.

The actor has continued to plug the series on social media and he thanked his followers for their patience.


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On Instagram he said: “We’re four days away from #Andor being available on Disney+. Here’s finally a promo in Spanish and with subtitles!!

“Thank you all for your support these days, it has been a pleasure to travel promotion and meet so much love and support. Unforgettable!”

Alongside a photo of himself with the cast and some Storm Troopers, he said: “The best team ever, so lucky to be part of this family and so proud for our show.”

The Mexican actor, singer and director is also recognised for playing drug trafficker Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo in Narcos: Mexico.

He became globally recognised for his role in Rogue One before joining the Netflix drama.

A trailer for Andor has been released and it shows the title character saying: “Spies, saboteurs, assassins, have all done terrible things on behalf of the rebellion.”

Hot on his trail, viewers hear: “There is an organised rebel effort, drill down and get a hunt started.”

The trailer has been watched by more than a million fans who are excited to see the rise and fall of the empire.

The Star Wars Twitter account teased: “Before hope was found and before the Empire fell, rebels were born.”

Andor airs on Disney Plus from September 21

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