Ayesha Curry called a ‘hypocrite’ for posting sexy bikini photos after criticizing women who ‘barely wear clothes’ – The Sun

AYESHA Curry recently came under fire after she posted a series of sexy bikini photos over Memorial Day weekend.

The cookbook author previously slammed women who "barely wear anything" back in 2015, which caused fans to deem her as a "hypocrite."

Ayesha, 31, took to Instagram on Sunday to post a series of bikini photos taken by her basketball player husband, Stephen Curry.

Along with the two pictures, she wrote: "Took me long enough."

Her sexy pictures seemed ironic to some of her fans as she had previously shamed women who posed in their underwear or bathing suits.

Back in 2015, the basketball wife wrote on Twitter: "Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style.

"I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters."

She had also slammed some of the most risque fashion trends and tweeted: "Just looking at the latest fashion trends.

"I'll take classy over trendy any day of the week."

And despite receiving a multitude of positive comments for her hard-earned figure, some of her fans slammed her for even uploading the pictures.

One fan wrote: "And just like that Ayesha Curry did the same thing she bashed other women for."

Another fan summarized what they thought she had done wrong: "Ayesha Curry patronized other women for showing skin to men who aren't their partners, then cried about not getting attention from men who aren't her husband, and then went on a mad weight loss journey so she could post the same pics she acted like she was above."

However, one fan seemingly defended the American-Canadian actress and stuck up for her amid the shamers.

She wrote: "The obsession with Ayesha Curry and what she said years ago is so … weird.

"Like who cares? She was just probably having a bad day. And people built a whole political theory around it.

"I'm telling you man … people on here are not right in the head."

The mother of three recently embarked on a weight loss journey after "spending most of her 20's having babies."

She told her fans on Sunday, as well: "I’m down 35 pounds, very happy to be. I spent my entire 20’s having babies, nursing babies, now it’s my turn to nurse myself.

"Mommies need love too!!!! Been in the gym since January. Heavy HIT, hella cardio, floor work. And changed my entire diet (except for Sunday’s…you know what it is) Will share more soon!"

Ayesha shares three children – Riley, 7, Ryan, 4, and Canon, 1 – with Stephen Curry, who has been her husband for nine years.


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