Barry season 4 episode 4 sees Cristobals unexpected exit

Trailer for season 4 of Barry

Why did Michael Irby leave as Cristobal in Barry season four?

When Barry first made its debut in 2018, Cristobal (Michael Irby) was the leader of the Bolivian mob and NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan) was a member of the Chechen mob in Los Angeles.

Hank was initially Goran Pazar’s (Glenn Fleshler) right-hand man and later became the mob leader. Nevertheless, he remained positive and upbeat, so fans didn’t always see his darker side.

This is what attracted Cristobal to him in season three as the pair started to embark on a secret blossoming romance that fans adored.

Hank was taking a step back from the Chichens but then decided to realign with the criminals behind his partner’s back.

Near the end of season four, episode four, It Takes a Pyscho, Cristobal finds out the truth and sadly, it seems their relationship has been brought to an end as a result.

Cristobal and Hank fight over the latter’s betrayal but he starts to think more strategically.

He thinks that his now ex-partner “knows too much” about the Chichen mob and he can’t be allowed to walk away.

So HBO viewers were stunned when Cristobal was shot down with Hank’s full knowledge, leaving them gutted.

Barry star and co-creator Bill Harder has opened up about Cristobal’s death, explaining it was his decision to kill off the character.

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Speaking to Screen Rant, Harder said that not everyone was entirely on board at first with the idea of killing Cristobal off.

He: “I think the writers thought I was saying that Hank would kill Cristobal, like he would shoot him, and I was like, ‘No he would never shoot him.

“‘It’s just that, I think it would get to a place where Hank has gone so far into it with the Chechens and he just assumed that Cristobal would be with him.’

He continued: “When I was talking about it in those terms, people started to understand it.

“So then when Cristobal was like, ‘You know what? You’re not who I thought you were.

“I’m really sad. I’m gonna get out of here,’ then Hank would be like, ‘You know too much.’

“And they went, ‘Oh, yeah, OK, I see what you’re saying.’

“I remember in the writers room everyone fought me on it pretty hard…”

Barry season four continues every Sunday on HBO in the USA and on NOW in the UK.

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