BBC apologises after Fiona Bruce's 'low-skilled' worker comments

The BBC has issued an apology after newsreader Fiona Bruce claimed that ‘low-skilled’ workers were at a high risk of contracting coronavirus.

During Monday’s segment of the BBC News, Bruce commented on the mortality rates of Covid-19, and claimed that workers in ‘lower-skilled jobs such as bus drivers’ were more at risk.

‘People in lower-skilled jobs such as security guards, care workers and bus drivers are amongst those most likely to die from coronavirus according to new data,’ she said.

Now, the BBC has issued an apology after viewers complained about the remarks regarding Bruce’s use of the term.

In a statement the corporation explained: ‘We were reporting on the figures from the Office for National Statistics, and the terms ‘low-skilled’ and ‘unskilled’ are the ones the ONS itself applies to particular types of jobs, which is why we used them.

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‘However, we appreciate the concern that these descriptions downplay the important work that many people do, particularly key workers, and we altered the way we described these groups as a result of this feedback on later bulletins.’

It continued: ‘There was no intention to cause offence and we are sorry that some viewers felt this was the case.’

This follows Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech on Sunday, where he said those not able to work from home – such as bus drivers or construction workers – should return to their jobs.

However, Mr Johnson said that returning workers should look to travel either by walking, car or bike and avoid public transport.

Yesterday saw buses and trains on the London Underground rammed as a million people returned to their jobs.

At the time of writing, there have been 230,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK, with deaths now totalling over 30,000.

The plan for the country to eventually leave the lockdown has been set out in a 50-step plan by the government.

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