Ben Shephard hails Tipping Point guest extraordinary after win on ITV show

A Tipping Point contestant shocked viewers with his extensive knowledge and impressive drop skills, managing to leave the show with an incredible jackpot of £4150.

Ben Shephard welcomed a new group of hopefuls to the show. Amongst them Claire, George, Heidi and Mike.

At first, Mike appeared to stick to the sidelines as he answered none of the initial questions.

Eventually, Mike came out of his shell and answered the majority of his questions in the speed round, which left presenter Ben in shock: “I think I’ve reached my tipping point!”

In the head to head final round, Mike answered questions regarding the German football team Bayern Munich and extra virgin olive oil.

She then went on to incorrectly answer a question about the highest paid actor of 2020, which was Dwayne Johnson.

This move meant that the win was passed to Mike who reaped 6 counters.

Eventually Claire lost to Mike, who ended their battle with an impressive £3300 after a drop of 20 counters.

Within the same drop, Mike also tipped a double counter over the edge, a move that Ben described as “extraordinary” and “impressive”.

Fans on Twitter couldn’t get enough of Mike’s cheeky attitude and quick wit, flocking to share their thoughts on the exciting episode.

One fan said: “It’s an empty machine now! What a lad.”

“You might as well sit back and put the kettle on because we know where this is going,” wrote a Tipping Point fan, while another tweeted: “I’d be crying inside if I were another contestant.”

Another said: “Go on Mike lad, casually weighing in with a £2000 drop.”

Mike made it through to the final round with his massive prize pot and played against the machine as he answered general knowledge questions fired from Ben.

His jackpot counter fell into drop zone four but despite all his might, every counter he sent in landed too far away to make it move.

Eventually Mike decided to abandon the jackpot counter and ended the game with £4150.

Ben ended by saying: “A pretty unique experience, I’d say,” to which Mike and Ben chuckled together.

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