Catherine Tate's sketch with David Tennant makes hilarious Doctor Who joke

Catherine Tate brought back iconic Lauren the Schoolgirl for tonight’s The Big Night In and it was everything we hoped for and more.

The comedian roped in David Tennant as her long-suffering teacher who tries to get the gobby teen to sit down and shut up, and of course there was a hilarious Doctor Who reference thrown in for good measure.

It all kicked off with Lauren telling her teacher: ‘You’re standing too close to your computer, sir. You’ve got to stand two meters away otherwise you could infect me with the virus.

‘Social distancing, sir! You could be asymptamatic.’

‘I’m not asymptomatic,’ replied Tenant’s character.

‘How do you know? Is your name Chris Whitty? Are you or have you ever been a doctor?’ Lauren demanded.

‘No,’ replied Tennant.

‘Are you a member of the WHO?’ Lauren probed.

‘I am not a doctor, but I do know you can’t catch a virus through a computer,’ Sir replied.

‘Computer virus… follow the science,’ Lauren replied.


Audiences were loving the scenes and comedian Matt Lucas was among the people reacting to Catherine’s sketch, tweeting: ‘That Catherine Tate sketch was amaaaazing.’

It’s been 13 years since Catherine and David pair first appeared on screen together as the Tenth Doctor and his companion, Donna Noble. 

First appearing as a one-off in 2006 Christmas Special, The Runaway Bride, Catherine then returned for the fourth season as a full-blown companion. 

The Big Night In brought together comedians, musicians and actors to help raise money for charity.

The programme was a joint effort from Children In Need and Comic Relief – who have teamed up for the first time to help charities and projects around the UK, during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Big Night In is availabe to watch on catch-up on BBC iPlayer.

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