Charlie Stayt scrambles after quip at BBC Breakfast guest appearance

Charlie Stayt says he didn't call Micah Richards overweight

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On Thursday’s instalment of BBC Breakfast, hosts Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty welcomed Micah Richards onto the show to speak about his new book. During their chat, Charlie commented on how broad his shoulders were. However, when he realised Micah could take offence to his quip he was left squirming.

BBC’s Naga and Charlie welcomed Micah onto the show to speak about his new book titled The Game: Player. Pundit. Fan.

During their discussion, the former Manchester City and England star mentioned the different treatment he received in the sport as he started to get older after first playing at 18.

However, the BBC Breakfast host was left distracted by his appearance so he decided to ask him about his physique.

Charlie said: “Micah, you’ve got a serious set of shoulders on you! When you walked in I was thinking, ‘You’re big’. Have you always been that size?”

The 34-year-old replied: “Because I’ve had so many injuries, I’ve had five knee operations, I can’t run anymore.

“I go a lot to the gym, I do a lot of HIIT sessions.”

Realising that the former footballer could have taken offence to his remark, Charlie quickly interrupted.

He commented: “I wasn’t suggesting you’re overweight! Literally, I was just looking at your shoulders.”

Taking it in good jest, Micah laughed as he asked Charlie and Naga if he was looking a bit plump on the TV.

Naga added: “You’ve worn the right colour, you’re fine.”

Although Charlie managed to swiftly divert the conversation, his co-host brought up his weight remark right before they ended their conversation.

She said: “Well done you for not letting Charlie fat-shame you!

“I’ll tell you what, a lot of it happens in the industry because you talk about it in the book so that’s really fascinating.”

The guest laughed at Naga’s response as he jokingly told them what they were looking at was all muscle.

Adding in another lighthearted swipe, Charlie wrote Micah a fake award for ‘best-hand waving’ following his mannerisms throughout their chat.

Elsewhere in their interview, the BBC host mentioned that he boldly speaks about topics in his book that many people don’t get to speak about, especially surrounding footballers’ pay.

Micah highlighted that the area in Leeds he is from was difficult at times so he went from not earning very much to what he described as a ridiculous amount in three years.

When asked what he was paid, he said: “I was on £50,000 a week.”

The BBC guest added that he had good parents who advised him on his earnings and he’s delved into property and has worked with many charities.

BBC Breakfast continues weekdays on BBC One from 6am.

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