Chris Pratt Deems Yvonne Strahovski Super Tough for Nailing The Tomorrow War Stunt

When looking back at the sky-high stunt he and his co-star had to do for the Chris McKay-directed movie, the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star admits he himself was freaking out over it.

AceShowbizChris Pratt knew he’d landed the perfect movie partner in Yvonne Strahovski after watching her “seamlessly” tackle a sky-high stunt while he was “freaking out” on the set of “The Tomorrow War“.

The actors were put through their paces for the military sci-fi film, and Pratt was really impressed by the way “The Handmaid’s Tale” star threw herself into the intense action scenes – all while he was battling intense nerves.

“On Yvonne’s maybe second day [filming], she had to climb to the top of this 200 or 300-foot tall power plant in Atlanta and essentially do a catwalk,” Pratt told People magazine.

“You’re on a wire suspended on a rig, but if you fall, you’re actually going to mess yourself up because you’re going to be careening off a beam before they catch you. And she did it seamlessly!”

He confessed, “I had been practising this thing all day. I had absolute vertigo. I was freaking out. You could tell that for a brief moment she was nervous and she just zipped it all up, got super tough and nailed it right away. It was pretty impressive.”

Joking about hiding her nerves, Strahovski quipped, “Zipped it up including the poop in my pants!”

But it wasn’t just Pratt who was left in awe – the actress insists the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star didn’t disappoint either as their characters worked together to save the world against an alien invasion.

“We did do a lot [of stunts],” Strahovski shared. “I remember being very impressed when Chris did a one-handed slide down a rope coming out of the helicopter, while shooting your semi-automatic [gun]. That was super bada**.”

“The Tomorrow War”, directed by Chris McKay, is set for release on Amazon’s streaming service on July 2.

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