Chris Pratt Dishes on His Toughest Moment on Set of Guardians of the Galaxy Movies

The Star-Lord depicter claims one of his hardest moments when filming his scenes for the Marvel superhero franchise happened on set of the very first movie.

AceShowbizChris Pratt couldn’t decide what his “toughest moment” on the set of “Guardians of the Galaxy” was. The 43-year-old actor portrays Star-Lord in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series and upon the release of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” has admitted that it would be hard to pick just one scene he has filmed where the advice of director James Gunn has helped him get through it.

“Oh my gosh, truly, it’d be hard to zero in on any one. I guess what would come to the top of my head, early on, a lot more probably in Vol. 1 and then also in Vol. 2, we developed a shorthand over the course of working together all these years,” he told Collider.

“In Vol. 1, I remember there was a note. [Laughs] I tell people this and they think it makes you sound like a real dick, but it’s actually an amazing thing, so I’m gonna tell it because I love an opportunity to make you look like a d***.”

“There was a scene where my character is saying, ‘Blue Swede, Hooked on a Feeling, that song belongs to me,’ and it was important for it to be – in hindsight, now looking at it, I know what James was trying to get out of me.”

“And he got it out of me I think, which was this really strong, energetic, loud, emotional plea to not lose this song. I was having a hard time getting there as an actor and also I couldn’t justify why I would say it in a way that was the way he wanted it.”

“It was hard for me to see the forest through the trees. He had an eye on the forest and I was looking at the tree and I’m like, ‘This doesn’t feel like the right tree.’ But I kept saying, ‘You know what I feel? Here’s what I feel. I feel this.’ And he goes, ‘It doesn’t matter what you feel. It doesn’t matter what you feel. Okay? It matters what I think.’ And I go, ‘Oh, okay.’ [Laughs] “

The “Jennifer’s Body” star went on to add that moviemaker James had to remind him what he “felt” at that moment did not matter and ending up thanking for his tough nature as he learned to “trust” him in that moment.

He added, “And at that moment – it obviously does matter what an actor feels, but the North Star is his vision, and his vision for that was just something that I couldn’t see at the time. And then in seeing the movie, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s what he was looking to do,’ and it took me a while to get there.”

“It was embarrassing to get there, and I thought that when I did that take in the moment, it was almost like an, ‘F you. I’ll give you exactly what you asked for,’ and then he put it in and I was like, ‘Oh, that was really great. That’s exactly what he wanted.’ So I really learned, especially in that moment, trust him.”

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