Chrisley Knows Best patriarch Todd says he ‘loves’ son Grayson ‘more than’ Savannah after learning she’s a ‘car thief’ – The Sun

CHRISLEY Knows Best star Todd Chrisley said he "loves" son Grayson "more than" daughter Savannah after he found out she's a "car thief."

During the second episode in the eighth season of the USA Network show, Chase Chrisley revealed that his younger sister helped him sneak out while he was still lived under Todd's roof.

The episode followed Grayson as he chose to sneak out of the house and attend a party his parents told him he couldn't go to.
Once Grayson got to the party, he realized that he felt uncomfortable and asked his older brother to pick him up and help him sneak into the house.
Todd and Julie caught their sons in the act as they tried to get Grayson, 14, back to his bedroom.
After they grounded Grayson until he turns the "legal age of 18," Chase opened up to his parents about all of the rules he broke when he was Grayson's age.

The 24-year-old admitted that he wasn't the perfect child and told his dad: "I've stolen every car you ever had."

He also said that Savannah, 22, helped him sneak out a lot, so Todd shouldn't be too hard on Grayson.

Todd replied: "Grayson actually is a good kid.

"He's a great kid. He's an amazing kid. He's the love of my life now that I know Savannah's a car thief, I love Grayson more than I do her."

The episode began with Grayson asking if he could go to an unchaperoned party.

When Todd, 51, and Julie, 47, said no, Chase argued that Grayson should be allowed to attend the party.

In a separate interview, Todd said it was a "minor miracle" Chase and Savannah made it through their teenage years.

Julie added: "We're going to do whatever it takes to make sure Grayson makes it into adulthood unscathed."

Todd said: "Whether that means no dating, no socializing. No communication with anyone until he's 18."

Grayson later told Chase about his plans to "sneak out and go" to the party.

Chase responded: "That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard, Grayson. Do not do that. You're not a good liar. You're not good under pressure.

"I'm not gonna help you sneak out. I'm just not gonna do it cause then I'm asking for my ass to be on the chopping block. If they said no, I just think you should listen to them and not go out."

Despite his brother's advice, Grayson later called Chase to say he "messed up" and "snuck out to go to this party."

The youngest sibling said: "I got there and I just didn't want to be there because they were doing stuff I didn't want to do."

Savannah and Todd recently butted heads when the 22-year-old called off her wedding to fiancée Nic Kerdiles in last week's episode.

The two called off the engagement ahead of their wedding in May, though are hopeful they will work things out after realizing that they rushed into things.

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