Cool Stuff: 'Terminator' and 'Blade Runner' Prints By Pablo Olivera, Ben Harman Adds More Disney Dreamland Art

Since San Diego Comic-Con is only unfolding as a virtual online convention, a lot of artists won’t be able to sell their work to fans on the showfloor. Bottleneck Gallery is helping to offset that disappointing situation by having a week’s worth of new art releases, starting today.

First up, Pablo Olivera has delivered a new print for The Terminator franchise, featuring the army of T-800 ensoskeleton cyborgs charging into battle, and another print for Blade Runner, highlighting the mesmerizing futuristic skyline of Los Angeles in the then-future of 2019. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, we have a new set of Disney Dreamland Locations from artist Ben Harman, this time for Robin Hood, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid.

Pablo Olivera’s Terminator

There are three versions of Pablo Olivera’s Skynet print, using the terrifying vision of the future where cyborgs are wiping out humanity. Fire rages around the army, ships fly behind them, and lasers shoot off-camera. The first one has incredibly rich orange color for the fire, and I think it’s the bet of the three. However, even though the colors are more muted in the foil variant at the bottom (which also doesn’t have laser blasts for some reason), I imagine the shimmer of the cyborgs will make up for that.

Pablo Olivera’s Blade Runner

For the Blade Runner print, we have the immediately recognizable skyline of the Tyrell Corp. pyramid as lights shine through the haze of Los Angeles in 2019. Obviously, we didn’t quite turn Los Angeles into the futuristic noir setting seen in the movie, but things are still pretty post-apocalyptic right now. Someone just needs to build a pyramid in the city. Again, I think the first print has the best colors, but that foil variant is going to make that skyline shine in a mesmerizing way.

Ben Harman’s Classic Disney Dreamlands

Ben Harman captures the beauty of Disney in such a clean cut way. His vertical landscape shots of castles are detailed and stunning, and these new additions are no exception.

Robin Hood is a nice variation on his usual artwork, which features a castle, but more prominently features the village outside of it, complete with a wanted poster for Robin Hood nailed to the tree.

The Little Mermaid print let’s the underwater castle of Triton’s kingdom take the spotlight, but Ariel and Flounder can be seen staring at it in the foreground. Perhaps they’re missing the musical spectacular that Ariel was supposed to star in, setting off her journey up to land.

Finally, Beauty and the Beast gets two prints, one showing Prince Adam’s castle at night with clouds swirling overhead, giving it a haunting appearance as the curse still hangs over the castle. The other shows the castle in the bright daylight, after the curse has been lifted, with bright blue skies and flowers blooming. You’ll notice the each one features a rose inside of a little loop on the front gate that resembles the enchanted rose that floats in a glass case inside the castle. The one in the night print pops as the only rose that can be seen.

All of these prints will be available at Bottleneck Gallery starting on Monday, July 13 at 12:00 P.M. EST.

Eyeland UK will also have a limited allocation of the Disney prints starting at 5:00 P.M. BST.

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