Coronation Street: Asha's sexting scandal explained as actress Tanisha Gorey speaks out

TANISHA Gorey has spoken out to reveal the heartbreak ahead for her character Asha Alahan as she’s tormented by bullies in the wake of her ‘sex tape’ leak.

Asha was furious when her dad reported the incident to the police last night and feared it would only make the bullying worse. But will he withdraw his complaints? Here’s everything you need to know about the nightmare scandal…

Is Dev going to withdraw his complaint to the police in Coronation Street?

Dev reported the incident to the police last night in Coronation Street – much to Asha’s horror – when he discovered the video had made its way onto the internet  

However, viewers were disgusted when the police told a heartbroken Dev they couldn't do anything to help the teen seeing as she willingly stripped.

Later this week, Dev will finally see how much Asha is hurting and decide to withdraw the complaint from the police. 

He also calls the school and drops his complaints against her fellow pupils. 

What has Tanisha Gorey said about the impact of the video on her character Asha?

Tanisha spoke to Digital Spy about the impact of the incident on her character Asha. 

The actress said: "Asha thinks it's Corey who put the picture out there, so therefore she feels it's her own wrongdoing and she doesn't want anyone else knowing about it.

"She just wants the ground to open and swallow her up, she wants no attention drawn to it whatsoever. She thought she could trust Corey and she made a bad judgement call. She's humiliated and she doesn't want it all dredging up anymore, as it's bad enough."

Tanisha also added that the storyline will delve into how the video affects her self-esteem. 

Viewers will remember that Asha started using illegal skin lightening creams last year in a dramatic storyline after growing insecure about her appearance. 

Tanisha added: "The skin lightening obsession broke her down as a person and made her hate herself. Now this has happened and she's suffering from all the comments that people are making, it’s another level.

"I think she sheds another layer of her self esteem. She's trying to be strong by going into school, but as the days go on, it escalates and it's wearing her down more and more."

What do we know about Asha’s video in Corrie?

Fans were horrified when Asha was forced into stripping off for her boyfriend Corey on video chat this week in Coronation Street. 

Corey told her she was pretty, before manipulating her into taking off her top.

He begged the teenager: “Show me. I really, really like you. Please.”

After making Corey promise not to tell anyone, Asha did as he asked. 

Asha then told her pals that she’d stripped for Corey, not realising that he’d recorded it without her consent. 

And when Asha took Amy’s side during an argument, disaster struck. 

Kelly was furious with Asha and sent the video from Corey’s phone to the party group chat as an act of revenge. 

What do we know about Asha's unlikely friendship with Nina?

Tanisha Gorey has revealed that Asha will form a surprising friendship with Nina in the wake of her video nightmare. 

Spoiler pics for next week’s episodes of Corrie show Nina heading out of the cafe and punching a boy in the face when she spots him laughing and pointing at Asha.

Tanisha told Digital Spy: "I don't want to give too much away, but there's quite a lot of stuff leading on from this.

"One of the unlikely people who steps forward to help Asha when she's going through this is Nina.

"A friendship develops between Asha and Nina – and I love that. Nina knows what it's like to feel different, left out and persecuted.

"That will develop and this story has a long way to go."

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