Coronation Street ‘double exit’ as Daisy Midgeley star teases tragedy for Ryan

Coronation Street: Daisy and Ryan have heart-to-heart in hospital

Left with serious burns after the attack at the hands of Justin Rutherford (played by Andrew Still), Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) has been trying to keep a positive attitude by speaking to love interest Crystal ((Erin Austen).

Although unbeknownst to him, the Ibiza DJ brutally rejected Ryan last month and Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) has been pretending to be her in order to keep his spirits up.

However, in upcoming scenes, her plan is set to backfire when the second phone she uses to be Crystal is given to Max Turner (Paddy Bever), just when Ryan needs her most.

Ryan starts to feel increasingly unwell as he scrambles to try and get hold of Crystal with no one around to help him. 

Although with no answer, he’s forced to leave a voicemail as he drifts into unconsciousness.

Despite Max discovering the message left by Ryan and realising he’s in danger, it could be too late.

Speaking about Ryan’s sudden health decline, actress Charlotte Jordan confessed if anything happened to him, it would have a detrimental impact on her character.

The ITV star told Metro: “I don’t think Daisy would recover from it.

“She would not be able to get over it because she already feels so responsible for Ryan so if she was not able to save him in time I think we would lose her.”

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Touching on Daisy pretending to be Crystal, the actress admits the intentions behind the façade are genuine as the barmaid doesn’t want to hurt Ryan any more than he has been recently.

She continued: “Daisy’s plan is totally the wrong thing to do and it’s absolutely ridiculous but it does come from a good place.

“Daisy is not doing this because she wants to cause trouble, she is doing this because she wants to give Ryan time to heal.”

Although the Coronation Street star teased there could be drama ahead as she stated Ryan would react “horrifically” if Daisy’s lies are exposed.

Since the attack, viewers have seen the two become increasingly close with theories there would be a potential love connection on the horizon.

Touching on the speculation, Charlotte said: “I don’t know if it is a genuine romantic connection or whether it is trauma bonding, but they do become very reliant on each other and, especially with Daisy putting off her own recovery and focusing on Ryan, she ends up really needing him in a way that she didn’t intend to.

“Daisy didn’t go looking for these feelings and they weren’t intentional, she was just trying to take care of Ryan and it sort of snowballs out of control…”

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