Coronation Street viewers fuming as evil Geoff survives Yasmeen's bottle attack

Coronation Street viewers are livid as evil Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) was confirmed to still be alive after being bottled by long-suffering Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King). 

He’s not in a good way though – with the broken glass slicing his neck, but miraculously missing his jugular. 

Now lying in a hospital bed, things are going to get even worse for poor Yasmeen, who handed herself in to the police after realising what she’d done. 

If he never wakes up, she’ll be in the firing line for his murder, and if he does…? Well, he’s not exactly going to have an awakening and confess his sins to let her go. 

The heartless and cruel twist in the tale has left fans of the soap reeling, as they desperately wait to find out what happens to her.

But they might be in for a long wait, as the horrified Yasmeen was left barely able to speak and completely shell shocked by what happened. 

Now they’re fearing for poor Yasmeen’s safety as she faces prison time

Will she be able to find the courage to speak up? And more importantly, will people believe her?

Although DS Abney (Fiona Skinner) said she had no intention of charging Yasmeen, she seemed to think she purposefully tried to murder Geoff, and things weren’t looking good.

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