Coronation Street’s Grace suffers baby loss heartache as she has premature birth

Coronation Street spoilers have predicted sweeping highs and crushing lows for the Bailey family in upcoming scenes, as Michael Bailey and Grace Vickers welcome their baby.

The baby is born prematurely, with doctors raising concerns about the newborn's health as the new parents watch on in panic.

Spoilers have revealed Michael, played by Ryan Russell, decides to throw a gender reveal party for the baby, excited to become a dad.

Helping to organise the bash, Grace (Kate Spencer) heads to the local supermarket to pick up some party supplies for the ‘do.

With all of her shopping done, she heads for the door of the supermarket, only for a security guard to ask to see her receipt.

When she is unable to produce a receipt for the bags of shopping, the expecting mum is ushered into a back-office by the security guard.

Suddenly, Grace is overwhelmed by stabbing pain, and the realisation dawns she is experiencing contractions.

Grace is rushed to the hospital, ready to give birth to the baby prematurely.

The accusatory security guard travels with her, and when Grace finally finds her receipt for the shopping, the guard is put in his place.

In the hospital, a furious Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) accuses the guard of racial profiling, pointing out Grace had paid for the goods fair and square.

The Bailey brothers talk at Grace's bedside, only for Ronnie to confess to Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) he believes he is Michael's true father after a long-ago fling with Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw).

Michael interrupts the bombshell by revealing Grace has given birth to a baby girl, overjoyed to finally become a dad.

Sadly, their joy quickly turns to panic, as Michael tries to assure Grace the newborn baby is healthy.

Later, Michael breaks the news to Ed their little girl has been placed on a ventilator, requiring emergency medical care.

Confessing the baby is struggling to breathe unaided, the family prays the newborn will make a recovery.

Acting as a father figure, Ronnie offers to buy Michael a car to help him travel back and forth to the hospital to visit his daughter.

Can the doctors help to nurse Michael and Grace's newborn daughter to full health?

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