Corrie star reveals fans would 'lose Daisy too' if Ryan dies in collapse

Charlotte Jordan has revealed that fans would lose her Coronation Street character (Daisy Midgely) if Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) died following his horrific acid attack.

Daisy has been helping Ryan on his road to recovery in recent weeks, after he stepped in front of her to save her from an acid attack by stalker Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still).

Ryan received life altering injuries from the attack and in an upcoming episode of the soap, viewers will see him drift into unconsciousness in his flat, after feeling increasingly unwell.

Daisy has no idea that Ryan is in danger and, discussing how she would feel if she is too late to save him, Charlotte said: ‘I don’t think Daisy would recover from it.

‘She would not be able to get over it because she already feels so responsible for Ryan so if she was not able to save him in time I think we would lose her.’

Daisy’s determination to help Ryan to recover ends up with her getting herself into a mess in upcoming episodes, after she makes the rash decision to pretend via messages to be Ryan’s love interest, Ibiza DJ Crystal (Erin Austin) who has decided she wants nothing to do with him.

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When Ryan texts Crystal, Daisy replies, and in an attempt to put Ryan off her, says she hates club music and prefers country.

However, her plan backfires and Ryan responds, saying that he’s going to buy a plane ticket to Ibiza, to come and visit her.

When Daisy next sees Ryan, she urges him not to buy the flights.

After Ryan queries how Daisy knew he was planning to go to Ibiza, Daisy says she saw him looking at flights on his phone, a lie which Ryan seems to believe, and then suggests they go on a walk.

Arguing that Daisy’s intentions here come from a ‘good place’ Charlotte said: ‘The motivation behind her adopting this Crystal façade is a genuine one; she doesn’t want to cause Ryan any more pain.

‘When Crystal says she doesn’t want anything to do with Ryan and she tells Daisy that she has to be the one to tell Ryan, Daisy doesn’t want to do this because she knows that he is already in a really negative, fragile headspace and she doesn’t want to be the person to bear even more bad news.

‘Daisy’s plan is totally the wrong thing to do and it’s absolutely ridiculous but it does come from a good place.’

She added: ‘Daisy is not doing this because she wants to cause trouble, she is doing this because she wants to give Ryan time to heal.’

However, Charlotte did admit that what Daisy is doing is ‘terrible’ and that Ryan would react ‘horrifically’ if he ever found out.

After Ryan and Daisy return from their walk, Ryan suggests they go for a pint at the Rovers and thanks Daisy for helping him to face his demons.

As they stare at each other, its clear their feelings go deeper.

Addressing whether there might be a spark between the pair, Charlotte said: ‘I think, because they have both gone through this very traumatic event that no one else is able to understand, they have got this life-long bond now.

‘I don’t know if it is a genuine romantic connection or whether it is trauma bonding, but they do become very reliant on each other and, especially with Daisy putting off her own recovery and focusing on Ryan, she ends up really needing him in a way that she didn’t intend to.

‘Daisy didn’t go looking for these feelings and they weren’t intentional, she was just trying to take care of Ryan and it sort of snowballs out of control…’

Ryan and Daisy have a brief past, and just a year and a half ago, Daisy ripped apart the relationship between Ryan and Alya.

Charlotte said that since the acid attack, Daisy now feels like she’s ruined Ryan’s life twice.

She said: ‘Although the acid attack was in no way her fault, she still feels like she has unintentionally ruined his life again and she feels responsible for his misery.

‘It’s going to be a really tough thing for her to work through.’

Could Daisy’s guilt turn into love for Ryan?

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