Countdowns Rachel Riley holds back giggles as cheeky word is spelled out

While Countdown is normally quite straight faced as a production, every once in a while something can trip the cast up, with Friday's entry of the words “hooters” having Rachel Riley trying her best to keep from giggling.

As contestant James picked the seven letter word “hooters” as his answer, an American slang term that refers to someone’s breasts, Rachel could be seen smirking.

After Rachel had placed the nine letters on the board, nobody could expect that the two contestants James and Adam would come up with very similar words, with only a single letter placement changed.

While Adam’s seven letter word would be “shooter”, James proudly announced his word as “hooters”.

As Countdown word expert Susie Dent spoke about the lineup of options on the board, saying “quite a few sevens” Rachel lined up the word hooters for James, holding back a smile.

The moment swiftly moved forward as the next set of letters came up after Nick requested Rachel place them.

Nick had recently announced that he will be leading the show, with plans for Anne Robinson, most known for The Weakest Link, taking his place later in the year.

  • Countdown's Rachel Riley struggles to keep composure as rude word is spelled out

  • Anne Robinson joins Rachel Riley and Susie Dent for all-female Countdown line-up

Having spent 10 years in the hosting chair, Nick said he would not be returning this year after the break caused by Covid shielding.

In an emotional post on Twitter, Nick spoke about his colleagues Rachel and Susie as he wished good luck to the future of the show.

Nick tweeted: “Delighted to be back in the Countdown studio after another enforced lockdown, but this latest lockdown has given me an opportunity to consider my future life.

“I’ve decided it’s a good time to step down at the end of my contract in the New Year.

He continued: “My wonderfully talented co-hosts Susie Dent and Rachel Riley but above all, the quirky genius of producer Damian Eadie, who never ceases to amuse and who always demands the best of us.

“And so, to whoever takes my seat, I wish you every success and hope that you have as much fun and reward as I’ve enjoyed.”

Anne Robinson has been picked up for the hosting spot and will be taking the chair next week on June 28.

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