'Counting On' Fans Can't Figure Out Who Joe and Kendra Duggar's Son Looks Like

Counting On stars Joe and Kendra Duggar don’t post on Instagram nearly as often as some of Joe’s siblings. Still, the couple loves to show off their two adorable kids: Garrett and Addison. The two just posted a photo of Garrett to celebrate his second birthday, and fans are completely torn on which parent he resembles more.

Joe and Kendra Duggar have two adorable kids

When Joe and Kendra wed back in 2017, they didn’t waste anytime starting a family. It’s typical of the Duggars to have kids right away,and some couples even get pregnant on their honeymoon — Joe and Kendra were noexception. The two tied the knot in September 2017, and by June 2018, they hadwelcomed their first child, Garrett.

Less than a year later, the couple announced their second pregnancy. While some fans were happy for them, others were concerned that Kendra was simply a “baby machine” with no other purpose. The two introduced their daughter, Addison, in November after Kendra went through a difficult birth.

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They tend to stay off social media more than other family members

Joe and Kendra aren’t as active on social media as othermembers of the Duggar family. They mostly post in honor of their kids’milestones, such as Addisongetting one month older or Garrett’s birthdays. The two also shared photoson Christmas and Easter, but other than major holidays, they stay relativelysilent on Instagram.

Joe and Kendra also don’t post Instagram stories, and they hardly do any paid ads. Kendra did have a paid social media post about a skincare product, but otherwise, they don’t seem to be trying to become an influencer family.

Fans can’t decide who Garrett resembles more

Joe and Kendra took to Instagram on June 8 to wish their son a happy second birthday. The two posted photos of Garrett playing with a football, which were presumably taken on his big day. Fans flooded the comments with well wishes for the little boy, though nobody could totally agree on who Garrett resembles more.

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“Looks SO much like his dad!” one user commented. “Happy birthday Garrett. He looks just like his dad,” another user wrote. But not everyone thought Garrett looked like Joe. “He is a perfect little mix of both Mommy and Daddy!” another person commented. “Happy birthday Garrett! You look just like mama,” someone said. Though some fans didn’t say anything regarding who Garrett resembles, those who did had very mixed views.

Some think the two will have more kids than Michelle and Jim Bob 

Since Joe and Kendra announced their first pregnancy, fanshave suggested they might have even morekids than Michelle and Jim Bob. Garrett was only 10 months old when the twoannounced their second pregnancy, and they had two kids in just over two years.With Kendra only being 19 when Garrett was born, fans suspect that the two willcontinue to have plenty of children. Their younger child is only seven months,but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Joe and Kendra announced baby no. 3 laterthis year.

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