Dane DeHaan Irked at Harvey Weinstein for Replacing His Voice in Animated Movie

The ‘Spider-Man’ actor reveals he had to hunt down the European version of his 2016 animated movie for his young daughter because his voice was replaced in the American release.

AceShowbizDane DeHaan had to track down a European copy of his 2016 movie “Ballerina” for his daughter to watch after learning Harvey Weinstein had swapped out his voice for the American release.

The “Spider-Man 2” star joined Elle Fanning, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Maddie Ziegler among the voiceover cast of the Eric Summer film and recently decided to show it to three-year-old Bowie only to discover daddy was no longer part of the picture.

“We showed that to Bowie but in the American version, one of the last things that Harvey Weinstein decided to do before he went down (to prison), was replace my voice in that, so I had to get the European version so I could show it to my daughter. She loves it!”

Bowie also loves her dad’s take on villain the Green Goblin in the “Spider-Man” sequel. “She likes Spider-Man a lot. She has the Spider-Man water bottle. Actually, if you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she says, ‘I wanna be the Green Goblin, like daddy.’ “

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