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DAN Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa are "stronger than ever" after the former EastEnders star has attended therapy to save her marriage.

There have been several reports of reality star Dan cheating on Jacqueline, but what exactly do we know about these claims?

Did Dan Osborne cheat on Jacqueline Jossa with Gabby Allen?

In June 2018 Love Island star Marcel Sommerville accused his ex-girlfriend Gabby of cheating on him with Dan Osborne.

He believes Gabby and Dan had sex on a work trip in Marbella in April 2018 and confronted her over his suspicions, even suggesting the pair carried on sleeping together back in the UK.

Both Gabby and Dan furiously denied his claims.

Then the Sun exclusively revealed how Dan and Jacqueline had split after 10 months of marriage at the start of May 2018.

At the time, the soap star hit back at the drama surrounding her marriage saying: “These things happen – marriages have ups and downs and mine’s no different.”

The couple has reconciled since with Jacqueline taking part – and winning – I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! alongside Gabby's ex Myles Stephenson.

Jacqueline threatened to quit the show after Myles, 28, told her he believed that Dan cheated on her with Gabby.

In scenes not broadcast, Jacqueline, 27, said she did not want to continue without talking to the dad of her two kids.

She was then allowed to contact her husband from the jungle after having a meltdown over his alleged infidelity.

Show bosses allowed her to temporarily exit the Australian jungle to leave Dan, 28, a voicemail about the claims.

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Dan was then allowed to send a voicemail back.

Gabby has previously denied all claims but is yet to speak out about Myles' revelations in the jungle.

Back in 2018, a spokesman for Gabby said: “Gabby was 100 per cent faithful during her relationship with Marcel and finds it disappointing that he is attempting to make himself feel better about his own adultery with these baseless and malicious untruths."

Did Dan Osborne cheat with Natalie Nunn and Chloe Ayling?

On December 6, the Sun Online exclusively revealed Natalie Nunn's seven year relationship had come to an end after Chloe Ayling told of her wild night of passion with her Celebrity Big Brother co-stars, which included I'm A Celebrity winner Jacqueline Jossa's husband Dan Osborne.

Natalie Nunn is an American reality TV show star, known for appearing in Bad Girls Club. She met Dan in the Celebrity Big Brother House which they both entered in 2018.

Chloe Ayling is a British glamour model and Instagram star who also competed on the show in 2018.

Chloe shockingly revealed: “Dan cheated on Jacqueline with me and Natalie. We’d all had a lot to drink and a threesome happened.

“He had full sex with Natalie in front of me in the bathroom, and then kissed and performed a sex act on me."

According to a source, Natalie's wife Jacob Payne was very angry after hearing of his wife's misdemeanours and has gone to stay with friends, claiming he needs some time alone as he was seen moving his things out of the house.

What happened between Dan Osborne and Ferne McCann?

Dan Osborne took former I'm A Celeb contestant Ferne McCann out on a date on an episode of The Only Way Is Essex, leaving Jacqueline Jossa's fans furious.

Ferne won a bidding war on the show, which saw her go on a rock-climbing date with Dan.

When she realised her fans were giving Osborne some stick, the 27-year-old tweeted to say that they were only friends.

Months later Dan and Jac were officially confirmed as an item.

What has Dan Osborne said about the cheating rumours?

The father-of-three boldly declared that everything will be alright between him and his wife Jacqueline, while denying both cheating accusations that came to light when she was on I'm A Celeb.

But in December 2019 he finally admitted he did "things that I shouldn't have done" as he reflected on the past decade.

The ex-Towie star, 28, said he was "very lucky" to have his wife Jacqueline Jossa after a year of cheating scandals.

"Lots of ups and downs in the past 10 years," he told fans.

"Been through some tough times but also had some amazing times!

"Done amazing things that I never thought I would do, also done things that I shouldn’t have done, but I’m living and I’m growing as a person and ending this decade with a beautiful wife and 3 incredible children! Feeling very lucky!

"Looking forward to what the new year has to bring and wish you all the very best for 2020 & the future."

Addressing cheating accusations directly on ITV's Lorraine, Jacqueline said: “This isn’t new for me. It got brought up again because of Myles but at the same time, I was glad it made me think about it, I didn’t have a choice but to think about it… but it helped me.

“I want to hit a restart button. It’s been two years of me basically giving him hell and it’s not like he’s got away lightly at all.

“He knows he’s done wrong, he knows he’s done a lot wrong.”

Are Dan and Jacqueline still together and when did they get married?

Dan and Jacqueline met in 2014 and married on Saturday, June 24, 2017. The couple have two children, Ella and Mia.

They were reunited after she was crowned Queen of the Jungle on Sunday, December 9.

Yes. Despite Jacqueline moving out of the couple's £1million home during lockdown, the actress revealed that she left so she could have therapy to help save her marriage.

She told The Sun: “It felt like everybody wanted to watch me fall apart.


“I kept it in for a while, but then over lockdown it was a really good time and place for Daniel and I to go through everything — an opportunity for us to talk through it all. For me, this meant turning to therapy.

“And because of that, I couldn’t be in the same house as Dan.

"There was no big argument or bust-up, and there were no other girls. Moving out was literally how I had to deal with it."

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