Diversity's Jordan Banjo calls brother Ashley an 'imbecile' as dancer tries to punch him during an interview

DIVERSITY star Jordan Banjo called his brother Ashley an "imbecile" – for trying to punch him during an interview.

The siblings are best known for dancing together in their award-winning group, but it seems Ashley, 32, still likes to play the role of irritating big brother.

Jordan, 28, admitted to New! magazine that the one thing that makes his angry is: "…definitely when my imbecile of an older brother, Ashley, tries to punch me as I'm being interviewed!"

But the dad-of-two proved there was still an abundance of brotherly love to be found between the pair when asked who he 'would call in a crisis'.

He admitted: "That same imbecile of a big brother!"

The pair also have a younger sister called Talisa.

As well as working together in their dance troupe, since winning Britain's Got Talent in 2009, both Jordan and Ashley have gone on to secure work as presenters on a variety of shows.

Ashley became a Britain's Got Talent judge and the pair also worked together on ITV's Dancing on Ice, with Ashley judging and Jordan bringing the backstage gossip.

In the mornings, Jordan presents his radio show with Diversity pal Perri Kiely.

Describing the fellow dancer as his 'best friend', he told the publication: "We see each other every single day because we do our KISS radio show together.

"Even when we're not working, we see each other at weekends."

Jordan is engaged to girlfriend Naomi Courts and the couple plan to tie the knot next year.

The pair are parents to two-year-old Mayowa and three-year-old Cassius.

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