Dr Hilary Jones clarifies self-isolation advice for over 70s

Dr Hilary Jones has cleared up any confusion surrounding self-isolation advice for the over 70s during the coronavirus pandemic.

The resident Good Morning Britain health expert joined Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard in the studio where he explained that while there is nothing stopping the elderly population from going out, they must understand they are more at risk.

‘There are many risk factors that we know about; diabetes, obesity, age is one of them,’ Dr Hilary began.

‘Of course, there are plenty of people in their 70s who are very fit and very active and they desperately want to go out and meet their friends and socialise and go to clubs and play sports and all the things they want to do – and they can.

‘They can do that. There’s no ban from stopping them doing that. But it’s important that they understand that they are more at risk because of their age.’

Dr Hilary continued: ‘They can be fit today but because they have the receptors, coronavirus can attack in their lungs in their liver, kidneys and other organs. They are at more risk of severe consequences.

‘Nothing is to stop them from going out if they want to. They’re independent, they’re free. No one is completely locking them down physically. They can make the decision for themselves.’

Elsewhere on today’s show, Ben wished Kate Garraway happy birthday as he shared an update on her husband Derek Draper, who remains in a critical condition as he continues to battle Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Susanna sent well wishes to Piers Morgan as he awaits his coronavirus test results after experiencing ‘mild symptoms’.

Dr Hilary has been a beacon of light throughout the coronavirus pandemic, sharing his medical advice and debunking conspiracy theories.

Last week, the telly doctor revealed his tips on staying positive during the outbreak, as well as clearing up myths on social media.

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