Dr Hilary Jones explains giving birth during coronavirus pandemic

Dr Hilary Jones has revealed what pregnant women can expect when they go into hospital to give birth during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on today’s Good Morning Britain, the television doctor admitted that ‘just one person – if at all’ will be able to attend the labour.

‘It will be different in different Trusts, but certainly, in my local area, it’s very typical of what goes on,’ Dr Hilary began.

‘A woman who thinks she’s in labour would be taken to hospital by the partner and the partner would wait in the car.

‘The woman would be going in for assessment and if she’s in labour, the partner would be invited up at the moment of delivery, given a bracelet, and not allowed to leave the hospital until after the delivery and when the baby could go home.’

He continued: ‘There is a restriction in how many people can attend the labour. It will just be one person, if that. It will be a shorter duration for the visit as possible.’

Pregnant women have been placed in the ‘vulnerable group’ by the Chief Medical Officer. There is no evidence to suggest being pregnant means you’re more likely to get coronavirus.

However, for a small number of women, it does mean being pregnant may change the way their body handles severe viral infection.

Elsewhere on today’s programme, Dr Hilary shared his top tips on keeping positive during the ongoing pandemic.

‘There’s no hugely great news and it can get you down,’ Dr Hilary began. ‘If you’re watching the news, it is depressing and we’re worried about our jobs, our future, our family, we’re comfort eating…

‘I think limiting the amount of exposure to depressing news is important. Looking at what’s going on by all means and keeping up to date, but not overdoing it so you’re thinking about it when you’re going to sleep.’

Dr Hilary has made daily appearances on Good Morning Britain, debunking a series of Covid-19 myths, while relaying the government’s slogan of staying at home, saving lives and protecting the NHS.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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