Eamonn Holmes reflects on relationship with mother after Queens death

Queen: GB News viewer compares passing to death of parents

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Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster spoke with GB News viewer Charlie Brown on Monday about his memories of the Queen. Host Eamonn told the former member of the Royal Air Force the Queen’s death had led him to think of his own 93-year-old mother. 

“Personally, I think Charlie, we all tend to think of our own parents,” Eamonn commented.

“I was with my mother at the weekend, she’s 93 years of age. 

“Does the Queen make you think of your own mother, your grandmother?”

Charlie replied: “Certainly, my parents were significantly older than a lot of people my age.”

“No matter how much you prepare for the death of a parent or how much you think you’re prepared it’s still comes as a shock. 

“I think with the Queen this is how it’s hit me and a lot of the nation, we’ve all known [that she’s been unwell] but it’s still a shock.”

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