EastEnders dead body found, Emmerdale exit shock and 23 more soap spoilers

Another explosive week approaches in the land of soap, with tragedy, shocks and showdowns aplenty.

EastEnders sees the discovery of a dead body, as Ranveer Gulati’s corpse is found and a murder investigation subsequently commences.

With questions being asked left, right and centre, who will be implicated in the deadly crime?

Speaking of deadly crimes, Al Chapman and Chas Dingle’s sordid affair is revealed in Emmerdale after Cain finds out the truth, and he wastes little time in putting a revenge plan in motion, one which will have consequences for all!

Over in Coronation Street, Summer Spellman has a plan of her own, while Hollyoaks sees Warren Fox and Felix Westwood come to blows – this time, over Norma Crow.

Sounds exciting, right?

For all this and more, you’ve come to the right place, as Metro.co.uk has all your soapy needs in one piece – so what are you waiting for?

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Coronation Street

1. Tyrone and Fiz are appalled as the first extract of the book about John Stape is published in the Gazette. Tyrone still reckons Phill it to blame, but is the culprit closer to home?

2. Hope is left upset about the nasty things her classmates are saying about her, as she spends some time with Sam. Nick, however, wants Hope to stay away from Sam, which leaves Fiz in tears. Tyrone sees red and rocks up at Nick’s flat, punching him in the face!

3. Summer meets up with Mike and Esther and agrees to let them adopt her baby, but adds that she’ll need £10, 000 upfront. Afterwards, she explains to Aaron that she’s still pregnant, but is planning to give the baby to Mike and Esther in exchange for money, which will allow for his dad can go into rehab!

4. Sean asks Todd to take a picture on Laurence’s phone, but as Todd does so, a photo pops up on the phone which leaves him shocked beyond belief.

5. Daniel tries to reason with Arnie in the hopes that he’ll fix the toilet at No.1, but his efforts prove fruitless. Adam, however, takes matters into his own hands, as he warns Arnie that Tracy isn’t to be messed with, revealing that she was once convicted of murder!

6. Nick finds out that Sam is still writing letters to Harvey, and berates him for lying. But what will Sam have to say for himself?

7. Glenda ends up with a red and blotchy face, having given herself a facial with Mary’s ultra wand. 


8. Suki is shocked to find out that Nina has reported Ranveer missing, and subsequent scenes see the police arrive to reveal that a body – that they believe to be Ranveer’s – has been found! The investigation is deemed a murder one, and Suki is panicked when the police want to speak to her. Nina, meanwhile, fears becoming a potential suspect.

9. Kheerat tells his siblings the real reason their dad was in prison, and as the conversation gets heated, Suki fills in the blanks. Nish, meanwhile, catches a glance between Suki and Eve.

10. The doctor explains the brain tumour operation to Lola and Jay struggles to process everything, as he drowns under the pressure of it all. Together, he and Billy wait for Lola’s surgery to conclude.

11. Linda isn’t keen on celebrating Halloween due to happier memories with Mick but, despite her request, Alfie organises an event. Linda later thanks him for helping to make Halloween a memorable one, and she soon plots to assist him where Kat is concerned.

12. Mick returns home with Janine in tow, and he’s stunned to find out Alfie has been helping out behind the bar, but his attention his soon elsewhere, as he and Linda share a moment.

13. Jean is upset over Harvey’s developing love-life, as she tries to deny her feelings for him when he joins on a dating app.

14. Suki and Nish connect as they discuss the loss of Jags.


15. Cain questions Chas over her fallout with Aaron, but she keeps tight-lipped about her affair. Cain, however, makes the discovery for himself when he finds Chas’ burner phone, and upon calling the person on the other end, he is stunned to out she’s been seeing Al!

16. Cain sets a trap for Al, as he lures him to a barn where he holds him at gunpoint! The hard-man reveals his utter contempt at Chas for what she’s done, while Al remains level-headed – until the two begin to brawl! A gunshot rings out, but who has been shot?

17. Billy and Dawn are left in quite a predicament when Harriet’s money isn’t enough to purchase Woodbine, and Alex complicates things further as he threatens to take Clemmie away if he doesn’t get his hands on Harriet’s cash!

18. Will takes matters into his own hands, kidnapping Alex and holding him hostage at the stables up at Home Farm. Kim negotiates a chapter pay off, leaving Alex to mull things over in his mind, but Will soon sees red and beats him up, much to Kim’s delight, as they leave their captive to suffer overnight.

19. Aaron gets ready to leave for good and says his goodbyes. When Chas questions him on what he’s revealed, Aaron coldly cuts off any future the two of them might have.

20. Dan is emotional when Amelia makes a heartfelt speech in honour of Harriet, and Will comforts him with the lie that Harriet was happy with him.


21. A dead body lands on Ste’s doorstep, and he desperately asks Sienna to help in the way they know best. However, when mystery woman comes in search of the man, could their whole scheme unravel? That seems incredibly likely, given that the body subsequently goes walkabouts!

22. It’s the day of the charity duathlon and a daunting update about her health leaves Nancy worried about competing, but will it stop her from doing so?

23. When Felix overhears Warren demanding more responsibilities from Norma, he decides enough is enough and urges him to stay away from his criminal mum, but a shocking confession from Warren stops him in his tracks.

24. Norma stumbles on Warren’s medical records, and there seems to be some genuine concern for her son’s health. Some harsh words, however, reveal her true feelings, and thus she makes a surprising offer…

25. After catching Peri and Juliet joking with one another, Nadira decides to mark her territory with a public display of affection. Afterwards, she burns Peri with a sparkler – but was it really just an accident?

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