EastEnders' Kellie Bright confirms Linda loses Sharon ahead of murder story

Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) has been Linda Carter’s (Kellie Bright) best friend in EastEnders for years, but their friendship is put in jeopardy when Sharon learns that Linda has sold the Queen Vic behind her back.

Having been forced to sell up following the disappearance of Mick Carter, Linda has been on the hunt for a buyer for the famous boozer for several months.

Though best friend Sharon was ready and waiting to seal the deal, Linda turned to the only person she could trust more: Mum Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe).

Sharon is set to discover Linda’s betrayal very soon, and it is sure to cause fireworks between them, as actress Kellie Bright revealed.

‘The problem is that Elaine turned up unannounced and walked into the middle of Linda trying to make peace with Sharon, which made the whole situation ten times worse’, she explained.

Though Linda tries to explain herself to Sharon, Kellie revealed that she’d have used a very different excuse.

‘For me, Kellie, the moment Sharon suddenly announced she was marrying Keanu and there would be three of them moving in, that would be my get-out clause.

‘If I were Linda, I’d have said, “I’m not up for living with a married couple. If it was just you and me, then fair enough”.’

Having chosen her mum over her best friend, Linda will soon come to realise that perhaps that wasn’t the best decision.

‘Elaine is making changes, so Linda’s decision has probably backfired a bit, but it’s different because it’s her mum’, Kellie said.

‘You can fall out with your mum, but you know she will forgive you a lot, and you’ll forgive her.

‘Also, Linda has lived and worked with her mum for years previous to this, so she knows what Elaine is like and that she’ll have to let certain things go.’

Though Sharon and Linda are very much foes after this event, viewers will be aware that they will soon be wrapped up in a murder together, come Christmas time.

Both Sharon and Linda are a part of The Six, who have been revealed to have potentially killed someone together in a flash forward episode.

Will the pair rekindle their friendship by that point and help each other through that gnarly situation, or will they be prepared to throw each other under the bus?

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