EastEnders Sharon death fears as mistake puts family in Panesars line of fire

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    EastEnders fans fear Sharon faces real danger after she revealed she was the one who turned Ravi in to the police.

    Tonight’s episode (May 4) saw Sharon sat by Keanu’s bedside in hospital after he was viciously attacked by Ravi.

    She then revealed that she turned incriminating evidence on her phone over to police, resulting in Ravi being arrested for the attack.

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    But Keanu was stunned, asking her “what have you done?” and warning her that they could be killed.

    Fans are now fearful Sharon’s life is in danger as she takes on Ravi’s dodgy drug bosses and the conniving Panesar family.

    Keanu is right Sharon, Albie and his family are all in danger and he’s not a grass but that’s how it looks like

    “Thick as sh*t Sharon opening her big fu**ing gob You’d think she would know wat would happen,” blasted one viewer.

    “I thought Sharon was smart enough to realise what would happen #EastEnders,” said another.

    A third added: “Oh Sharon what you done, Keanu is right. Your lives are in danger now!!” while a fourth penned: “Sharon gave the police the voicenote. Well done Sharon. You could be in the Panesars line of fire now though.”

    Walford was swept up in a frenzy of coronation fever, and at the heart of it all was Billy.

    He had made it his mission to convince Linda to host The Vic party and had even come up with the brilliant idea of a Royal Walkabout for the kids of Walford.

    The Bakers had eagerly taken up the idea, and things were going smoothly, especially when Finlay finally managed to get Avery's sportscar running.

    However, their excitement turned to shock when the car suddenly spluttered to a halt, and a diamond necklace fell out from underneath it.

    Meanwhile, Billy was pulling at Linda's heartstrings, making a beautiful gesture to include Mick in the coronation celebrations.

    In other news, Rocky had finally let Reiss in on why Sonia was fed up with him.

    So, Reiss went all out to celebrate her birthday, even going as far as presenting her with a pre-birthday cake. Sonia was over the moon with all the attention and care from Reiss.

    However, when Reiss's phone suddenly rang, he quickly hid it. Unbeknownst to him, Rocky had overheard the conversation and knew something was up as he professed “I love you” to another woman.


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