EastEnders Sonia destroyed, Emmerdale Mack busted and 8 more soap spoilers

Secrets are set to be exposed with a number of soap residents having some serious explaining to do, in what promises to be one of the genre’s biggest weeks of the year thus dar.

Consider us very excited.

Emmerdale sees Mackenzie Boyd left with little choice but to reveal all to Charity Dingle after she spots him at the hospital with baby Reuben, but is this truly the end of their marriage?

EastEnders, meanwhile, remains one to watch, with coronation and Eurovision celebrations setting the scene for a multitude of secrets being revealed, with Linda Carter’s mystery buyer confirmed, while Sonia Fowler discovers the truth about Reiss Colwell.

Be afraid, Reiss. Be very afraid.

Over in Coronation Street, Ryan Connor’s interest is piqued when Daisy Midgeley almost gives away that she’s been masquerading as Crystal, but the DJ soon has other things to worry about as he begins to feel seriously unwell.

Hollyoaks, meanwhile, serves up a huge week, with a number of the show’s finest taking a trip to the Chester races, with Sienna Blake’s actions on the day in question set to leave Ethan Williams devastated.

For all this and more, why not sneak a peek at our top 10 must-see moments for this week (May 8 to 12)? We promise you won’t regret it.

Linda busted as mystery Queen Vic buyer is revealed EastEnders

Linda breaks down as she receives Mick’s Presumption of Death certificate. Sharon rallies around her, explaining Mick’s death to a confused Ollie, which leaves Linda feeling awful, as she reveals to Alfie that she’s only keeping Sharon and Nish sweet until her mystery buyer makes their mind up. Nish and Suki swoop in with their associates to show off the pub, branding it their ‘new acquisition’, but Linda is quick to burst their bubble. Sharon, meanwhile, is furious when the truth is revealed, with a huge fight breaking out, just as the new co-owner walks in – it’s Linda’s mum, Elaine!

Elaine’s return sends shockwaves through the Square, as she charms some punters while putting others in their place. Sharon storms out, with Alfie persuading Linda to try and make things right with her, but her hopes of reconciliation may prove futile. Nish’s intimidation tactics fail to work on Elaine, but things take a shock turn when The Vic is trashed in the middle of the night by intruders, with Linda’s glass flamingo – a gift from Nish – smashed and pointedly left on the bar.

Ryan and Daisy grow closer in Coronation Street

Daisy plans to take a step back from helping Ryan, but when Ryan calls ‘Crystal’, she adopts her alter-ego’s voice to let him down gently. The plan, however, backfires, with Ryan plotting to fly to Ibiza to see her, forcing Daisy to take action as she confronts him on the matter. Ryan wants to know how she knew he was considering going to Ibiza, with Daisy successfully covering her tracks, suggesting they go for a walk. Ryan is thankful, but as they stare at each other, it’s clear their feelings run deeper than just friendship.

Mackenzie and Chloe found out in Emmerdale

Mackenzie struggles in the wake of finding out that Reuben might have a bleed on the brain, lashing out at Dan, much to the horror of Charity, who starts to suspect something is up. At the hospital, the worried dad joins Chloe, risking his marriage to be there for his son. There is relief when the consultant confirms there’s no sign of brain damage, but the joy is short-lived for Mack, as Charity arrives at the hospital as part of a surprise visit, realising that her husband is none other than Reuben’s father.

Ethan and Sienna torn apart at the races in Hollyoaks

Ethan tells Sienna about a tip off he’s received from a friend for the horse races but Mercedes and Goldie overhear, learning the ‘winning’ horses name. The day of the Chester races then rolls around, and Ethan cannot find the tip-off! He starts to panic, worried about destroying Sienna’s dreams. Sienna, however, is rescued by Rafe. Ethan, on the hunt for Sienna, bumps into Mercedes and Goldie and discovers they’ve got the tip-off, getting it back, unaware that Sienna is told by Rafe to put her bets on a different horse.

Sonia kicks Reiss out in EastEnders as his betrayal is exposed

Reiss is nowhere to be seen on the morning of Sonia’s birthday. Rocky is concerned, telling Kathy about having overheard Reiss on the phone, but Kathy is adamant that he should drop this. Despite Kathy’s words, Rocky comes close to spilling the beans – that is, until Reiss shows up. But with Rocky demanding the truth, Sonia overhears their conversation and, devastated, she orders Reiss out of her life.

Max saves Ryan in Coronation Street?

Having found Daisy’s spare phone, Daniel records a message for Max, suggesting that if there’s anything that’s bothering him, he can record it on the phone. Max watches Daniel’s video but Gav, a mate, demands to know where he got it. Max explains that Daniel gave him the phone so he could record a journal. Ryan, meanwhile, begins to feel unwell, rushing to the bathroom to be sick. Desperate for help, he calls ‘Crystal’ and leaves a message, before drifting into unconsciousness. Gav plays Ryan’s voice message and Max listens with concern, knowing Ryan is in danger.

Caleb double crosses Cain to destroy Kim in Emmerdale

Cain and Will come to blows once more, and things get violent. Shortly after returning from her trip, Kim gives Cain both barrels, warning him he’s on his last chance with her, which leaves him with food for thought. The businesswoman soon starts to worry about where Caleb’s loyalties lie, and after he slips up, Kim ends their partnership. Caleb, however, proves just how far he’s willing to go after he suggests a plan to betray Cain and Moira in a bid to secure the land they need.

Scott Mills shows up in Hollyoaks!

Goldie is stunned when Scott Mills arrives in the village, out of battery. The beautician urges Tony to drive Scott into Liverpool in a bid to save Eurovision, hopping in the car for the ride.

Ben lashes out as Lola leaves work in EastEnders

Lola reveals that she’s giving up work, sharing a heartfelt goodbye with Denise as she completes her final shift at the salon. Ben, meanwhile, comes to believe he needs to work even harder to support her now, and he’s already working too hard as it is. Jay asks him to pick Lexi up ahead of Kathy’s Eurovision party, which sees a surprise appearance from Buck’s Fizz’s Cheryl Baker, but he forgets, leaving Lola and Jay upset. Annoyed at himself, Ben knocks back the booze, before picking a fight with Vinny as Lola screams in terror, with Ben realising that he’s gone too far.

Sarah and Damon caught in Coronation Street

Sarah calls at the bistro to find Damon, who kisses her, with one thing leading to another in the office. Adam and Dee-Dee, meanwhile, need a meeting about the late license but find the bistro locked, relaying their discovery to Nick and Leanne, who wonder where Damon has got to. Damon and Sarah, meanwhile, freeze with fear as the aforementioned characters approach – are they about to be caught?

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