EastEnders spoiler sees Ben lash out while Sam continues to meddle

Next week on EastEnders sees Ben Mitchell [Max Bowden] lash out when he sees that Callum Hghway’s [Tony Clay] police poster has been vandalised.

Meanwhile, Sam [Kim Medcalf] continues to meddle in the Mitchell businesses which puts Kat’s [Jessie Wallace] nose out of joint. She becomes even more frustrated when an important appointment is missed.

Elsewhere, Mick Carter [Danny Dyer] has to deal with an issue regarding Ollie and his change of plan leaves Janine Butcher [Charlie Brooks] dejected. Their subsequent date is then ruined by a drunk Linda Carter [Kellie Bright].

Janine feels dejected when Mick changes plans over an issue regarding Ollie. Sonia tells her his kids will always come first, and she has to be okay with that.

Later, Janine overhears Jada’s concerns. She’s worried about Linda being drunk in front of the children. Janine encourages her to reveal her fears, causing Zack to issue Linda with a warning. One more mishap and she’s out.

Sam muscles in on business leaving Kat frustrated, but when a problem means she misses the meeting to buy Ruby’s, Kat warns her Phil won’t be happy.

Kat then refuses Phil’s request that she re-mortgage the cab office to buy Ruby’s, but Kheerat shows he’s interested in being involved.

Ben is unimpressed as Callum’s police poster is unveiled and things get worse when they see it’s been vandalised.

Ben is fuming – and out for revenge. While Callum gets good news about Sharon’s old flat, Ben’s temper flares and he lashes out.

Ben is uncomfortable as Jack asks questions about the previous night’s drama and later Ben admits the truth to Jay. Ben and Callum go to share good news with Kathy, but Ben realises Jay’s told her everything. Kathy and Callum are livid with Ben as he tries to defend himself.

Stacey lets down Jean when her mother begs Stacey to get her out of hospital.

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