EastEnders spoilers: Bernie Taylor begs for stronger diet pills as Rainie makes a decision on the surrogacy

BERNIE Taylor begs her friend Tiffany for stronger diet pills as Rainie makes a decision about the surrogacy next week in EastEnders. 

Bernie started putting her health at risk after she was told she needed to lose weight if she wanted to be Rainie’s surrogate.

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In scenes set to air next week, Bernie tells Tiff that the diet pills aren’t working fast enough, and that she wants Tiff to get her stronger ones. 

Vi encourages Stuart and Rainie to find a distraction from Abi, which spurs them into making a decision about the surrogacy. 

Tiffany eventually gives Bernie more diet pills after she continues to beg. 

Later in the week, Bernie attends her weight loss group and is joined by Rainie and Vi.

After some encouragement from Vi, Rainie and Stuart ask Bernie to be their surrogate.

But later in the week, when they head to their insemination appointment, Bernie isn’t impressed with Rainie’s first installment and later tells Tiff they’d agreed a higher amount.

When Bernie later confronts Rainie following some encouragement from Tiffany, Rainie admits that she’s having to fork out for a private investigator to track down Max. 

Viewers know that Rainie was devastated when she realised baby Abi had been snatched by Max when Jack took her to visit him in France. 

Rainie broke down in tears when Jack returned and broke the bad news. 

Is Rainie’s heart not in the surrogacy?

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