EastEnders star admits there were lots of complaints over characters unexpected demise

Celebrity Mastermind: John Altman on reaction to Nasty Nick’s death

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Fans of the long-running BBC soap will know Nasty Nick died from a heroin overdose in 2015 and his mother Dot (played by June Brown) went to prison for four months after confessing to killing him. Fans know Dot simply decided not to help her son after he told her to “rot”. Reflecting on his exit from EastEnders, actor John admitted viewers complained to the show when he appeared on the latest instalment of Celebrity Mastermind.

At the end of the specialist subjects round, John had just four points and was first celebrity to return to the iconic chair.

Upon his return, host Clive probed him about his role as ‘Nasty’ Nick Cotton in beloved BBC soap EastEnders.

“John, you were of course, Nasty Nick on EastEnders, I just wonder if you are fed up with every opening sentence introducing you were Nasty Nick?” Clive asked.

John replied: “Well, you have to learn to live with it you know? It’s impossible really to ignore it.

“I kind of go along with it, I’m a friendly sort of person. On the way here today, some guy stopped me on the street and wanted a selfie.

“People don’t forget and I guess the character made quite an impact. You know, it was a good thing for my career in many, many ways.”

Clive continued: “There is so much more to you than Nasty Nick of course, you are a versatile actor, you’re a singer, a singer-songwriter, you’re a composer. I’m intrigued, what’s up next for you?”

“There’s an album just come out and also a new audio radio series called Unsinkable and John Malkovich is in that as well,” John detailed.

Clive added: “Okay so plenty on the horizon but I just wanted to check we’re not going to experience a Bobby situation in Dallas are we where you come back from the dead on EastEnders?”

“I don’t think so, no,” laughed John. “I very much doubt it although there were lots of complaints when they bumped him off.

“I thought Nick might survive and be a grouchy old man sitting in the corner of The Vic cursing everyone.”

While Nick isn’t on the soap any longer, his daughter Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) is causing chaos for the Albert Square residents.

Dotty believed Nasty Nick was her biological father but at Christmas in 2021, her mother Sandy (Martha Cope) admitted Tom Cotton (Brian Conley), who had been posing as Terry Cant, was her real dad.

Dotty and Terry had teamed up to convince Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) he was her father and get their hands on Dot’s inheritance.

However, Dotty wasn’t expecting to hear she’d been working with her biological father all along.

The teen wan’t sure if she believed her mother, knowing she has lied in the past about her family.

Fans know Dotty is just as troublesome as her uncle and has tried to knock off a few of her relatives before.

In 2009, she planned to kill Dot to get her inheritance on the instructions of Nasty Nick but she decided not to go through with it.

In a surprise twist, she put the crushed pills in her uncle’s drink sending him on a rampage.

EastEnders continues Monday on BBC One from 8pm.

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