EastEnders Tommy fate sealed as fans predict prison stint after stabbing

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EastEnders fans have predicted Tommy Moon will go to prison and follow in his family's footsteps after he accidentally stabbed his school bully in the shoulder.

During Thursday’s instalment of the popular BBC One soap, the student got involved in another run in with two of his school bullies who were hell-bent on beating him to a pulp after he protected his half-sister Scarlett.

Despite school teacher Isaac Baptiste breaking up the scuffle in the playground, bully Sid made sure to catch up with the TV tot on his way home from school.

It was at this point that Tommy took his grandfather’s advice on the chin as he pulled out a knife which he had kept hidden in his backpack and threatened the two students with it if they tried to hurt him again.

However, Sid wasn’t through with the student just yet, as he took one more cheap shot at Tommy just as he put the weapon back into his bag.

It was at this point that Tommy threw the bag at Sid, where the knife then stabbed the bully in the shoulder as he fell to the ground.

As viewers watched the dramatic scenes unfold from the comforts of their own home, fans flooded to Twitter to share their concerns for the pre-teen as many theorised that he will follow in his family footsteps and end up going to prison for his crimes.

One user penned: “Tommy is gonna grow up and kill everyone in the house just like bobby and ben [crying and skull emoji] # EastEnders.”

Another agreed: “Tommy’s following Ben’s career path [eye rolling emoji] #EastEnders.”

A third chimed in with: “Tommy is definitely going to juvie #eastenders.”

Elsewhere, another fan of the show theorised: “#EastEnders Another child that Phil has ruined it seems? This is whatPhil’s ‘fight back’ advice always comes down to.

“It’s a recurring pattern whenever he wants his son-like figure to toughen up. Surely people see this pattern now right? [two eye rolling emojis].”

It comes after convicted criminal Ben confronted his father Phil over is bully ordeal at school after the TV gangster told the school kid to to toughen up which terrifies the tot.

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