EastEnders twist as Jada Lennox pregnant again with unlikely Walford resident?

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Jada (played by Kelsey Calladine-Smith) hadn’t been on good terms with Sharon (Letitia Dean) when she arrived back in Walford with her grandchild, whom she only found out about a few months ago. The EastEnders icon had a change of heart though after realising Jada needed help. Sharon has even helped Jade to get a job, but she has already been distracted by Will Mitchell (Freddie Phillips) who is set to become smitten with her. Could Jada get pregnant again?

In Tuesday’s episode of the BBC soap, Jada and Will got to know each other a bit more.

After bumping into him in the cafe, Jada chatted to Will about their shared taste in music.

“You like grime?” she asked, taking his phone to check what he had been listening to.

“What did you think I’d be into?” the embarrassed schoolboy asked.

“I don’t know, Ed Sheeran,” Jada joked as Will became offended.

He asked: “How’s Lisa?” mistaking the name of Jada’s daughter, Alyssa.

“Alyssa,” she corrected him. “Yeah, she’s good thanks.”

Referring to the way Will helped her save the toddler from an oncoming car last week, she added: “It’s lucky you were perving on me the other day.”

“I weren’t perving,” Will replied, as Jada admitted she was joking.

Two of Jada’s old friends appeared at that moment, convincing her to hang out with them.

Will watched on, looking keen to join the group of girls.

Official EastEnders spoilers reveal that the teens do end up causing some trouble, but how close could Will and Jada become?

Will isn’t usually a troublemaker, but he seems to really like Jada.

As she is always keen to talk to him too, it seems the feelings might be mutual.

Sharon has been trying to convince Jada to focus on getting a job and providing for Alyssa, but she might end up becoming distracted by Will.

If the two begin dating, Jada might become pregnant again.

Spoilers confirm the teens decide to get their hands on some booze, which could see Will and Jada acting recklessly.

Will Sharon continue to help the vulnerable mother if she becomes pregnant again?

Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) and Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) would also be shocked to find out their son has got someone pregnant.

Will they be supportive of Jada to give her the help she might need?

Jada was pregnant with Sharon’s teen son Denny (Bleu Landau) and gave birth to Alyssa off-screen and to nobody’s knowledge.

She turned up in Walford last year to explain the truth to Sharon.

Although they’ve had a rocky start to their relationship, the two now seem to have reached an agreement.

Wanting to be close to her granddaughter, Sharon has felt like she’s been reunited with part of her late son.

She may not take the news that Jada is pregnant again very well, though.

Jada has been struggling to provide for Alyssa but with Sharon’s help, they have a plan in place which seems to be working.

What might Jada and Will decide to do if it turns out there could be another child on the way?

Will the youngsters keep it a secret or could someone find out?

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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