EastEnders works with charity as Lola tells Lexi about her cancer tonight

EastEnders worked alongside the charity Hope Support Services for scenes airing in tonight’s episode, which will see Lexi (Isabella Brown) discover her mum, Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) has cancer.

This week, Ben (Max Bowden) put forward the idea of telling Lexi about Lola’s brain tumour, but the young mum was reluctant to reveal all to her daughter, worried about the reaction and wanting to keep things ‘normal’ for as long as possible.

Sadly though, keeping Lexi in the dark about the devastating illness won’t last much longer, as she makes a discovery tonight.

Lexi overhears Lola talking to Ben and her suspicions start to grow when a letter arrives for her mum, which she snatches to read.

Lola later receives a worrying call from the school, informing her that Lexi never showed up for class, and so she, Jay and Ben swoop into action, hoping to track the little girl down.

They succeed in their mission, finding Lexi in the park, where she shows them the letter outlining Lola’s treatment, revealing that she knows the truth.

For these sensitive and emotional scenes, the BBC One soap collaborated with Hope Support Services, a charity that supports young people aged 5-25 when a family member is diagnosed with an illness such as cancer.

Lorna Russell, Safeguarding Lead at Hope Support Services said: ‘It’s been great to work with Danielle (Lola) and Isabella (Lexi) on this storyline – lots of families will understand how distressing it can be for children when someone they love has cancer, so we’re pleased to see EastEnders focusing on how Lexi is affected by Lola’s brain tumour.’

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