Emmerdale Liv exit theories- killed by Terry, storm accident, Vinny double death

Emmerdale fans were recently shocked to learn that Liv Flaherty will be exiting the soap.

Isobel Steele has played the character for more than six years, with an insider telling The Sun that fans will be "on the edge of their seats", and admitted Liv's death will be a "real heartbreaker" – something avid soap viewers will remember for "a long time to come."

Following the news, fans have begun to speculate about how Liv will exit the soap.

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Some think that Liv will die in the upcoming storm, while others think she could meet a tragic end following Terry's attack.

As viewers wait to see what will happen to her, Daily Star takes a closer look at the fan theories surrounding the character.

Liv is killed by Terry

Emmerdale fans think they have 'worked' out how Liv will exit the soap – and it's not in the upcoming 50th anniversary storm disaster.

Although ITV bosses teased that a huge storm is set to put the lives of the soaps best loved characters "in peril," viewers have a theory that Liv will not die in the storm.

Instead, they think that she will be killed following her altercation with Terry.

Following older brother Aaron Dingle's return to the dales, Liv was attacked by Terry and she suffered a blow to the head – resulting in her being rushed to hospital.

Fans think that Liv could subsequently die following the attack, with one saying: "Maybe Liv will end up with a bleed on the brain."

A second agreed: "Heard it a lot lately. Perhaps this is what happens with Terry."

A third added: "I guess Liv will be murdered now, so Scamdra can say 'I told you so'."

Tragic death in storm

With the upcoming storm set to wreak devastation on the dales, fans are also predicting that Liv might be one of the casualties of the upcoming weather disaster.

One fan said: "Well the storm is supposed to hit Sunday…when I look at the cast of Monday and Tuesday…does this mean they all survive? Fingers crossed for Aaron Dingle, Vinny and Liv."

A second added: "I hope it's due to the storm though and she doesn't get killed by Terry."

However, some fans suspect that she may not be the only one to die in the storm, with a third adding: "Wouldn't be surprised if we see three deaths in storm week now – Liv, Al and Will."

Liv dies in Vinny's arms

With Liv and Vinny planning to marry in a secret ceremony, some fans think that Liv will die in the arms of her beloved after tying the knot, with her death paying a nod to the two young star's musical talents in real life.

One fan said: "Since she's going I do hope she dies in Vinny's arms with some sad meaningful music playing in the background to tug at viewers heartstrings as the tears roll down Vinny's face.

"Even better if the song is sung by Bradley Johnson aka/ Vinny himself. He does have an amazing voice."

Another commented: "Isobel does have an amazing voice, Bradley's voice though is my favourite. I actually do hope his singing voice will be featured for her exit. Maybe both of their voices could be featured, one when she dies the other at her funeral. Music does tend to make a departure more sentimental/emotional."

Despite Isobel Steele's exit as Liv being confirmed, some fans are still holding out hope that she does not die at all, and will instead leave the dales with older brother Aaron.

"I hope the rumours aren’t true and they’re not going to kill her off – why not just send her away with Aaron when he departs again and give them both a little bit of happiness?" one viewer asked.

Vinny heartbreak

Although there is much speculation about Liv's exit from the dales, viewers are concerned that there could be a double death tragedy in the dales.

Viewers will remember that Vinny was attacked by serial killer Meena earlier in the year, but luckily escaped her murderous act.

However, fans have speculated that Vinny could suddenly die during Emmerdale's anniversary from the injuries he sustained in the attack, with one saying: "He drops dead on the floor because of Meena he had a bleed on the brain."

A second agreed, adding: "He has a slow bleed on the brain from Meena hitting over the head and kicking him and it kills him. Hope it's not true would like to see a happy future for them."

Another viewer speculated: "Apparently a head injury from Meena. It flairs up."

If so, could Liv's exit from the dales be a result of losing Vinny? Could he die instead of her?

Fans seem to think so, with a fourth saying: "This would be a guaranteed way to get everyone talking…. Maybe Vinny is the one to die, Liv leaves with Aaron, and Mandy and Paddy lean on each other as she grieves for her son and his marriage falls apart."

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