Emmerdale return for killer Declan Macey as he seeks revenge on Charity Dingle?

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Emmerdale fans have been desperate to know more about Chloe Harris’ (played by Jessie Elland) past ever since she arrived on the ITV soap. Viewers already know Chloe’s sister Gemma Harris passed away three years ago, but they don’t know much more about her family. However, some eagle-eyed viewers reckon they’ve discovered the true identity of Chloe’s dad, with many suspecting he could be the villainous Declan Macey (Jason Merrells)? Could he soon return to the village to get revenge on his ex Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins)?

Viewers began to grow suspicious about Chloe’s past when earlier this month Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) made a comment about her family.

In a recent episode of Emmerdale, Kerry, who has been working as a cleaning maid for Chloe’s family, warned Charity and Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) to stay away from Chloe.

She insisted: “You don’t know what you’re dealing with. When I say you don’t want to know, you don’t want to know.”

After hearing Kerry’s warning, fans began sharing theories about Chloe on social media.

Many viewers suspect the newcomer’s father could in fact be a villain from Charity’s past, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“#Emmerdale Still trying to work out who Chloe’s dad is. Is it someone with connections to Charity? Or not?” @GeorgiaBowring questioned.

“Who was in that truck? Possibly Chloe’s dad couldn’t see who it was tho, so I’m thinking it could be Declan from a few years ago? @j_merrells #emmerdale,” @mikepriestley13 commented.

“#emmerdale think I have figured out who Chloe’s dad is in #emmerdale it’s… Declan Macey 90 percent positive. I had a dream last night and he was in it and just googled everything, dates pretty much add up. Please let it be,” @AndrewM10105876 wrote.

“Kerry’s phone 100 percent said Declan on that text #emmerdale,” @JennieDiviani agreed.

“Go on Kerry. Tell Charity who Chloe’s dad is, where he is and dear God let it please be Declan Macy. Charity’s ex-husband, her nemesis and the man who came close to murdering her. #Emmerdale,” @cumiskey55 added.

@ac1996x remarked: “Calling it now – Chloe’s dad is Declan Macey @emmerdale #Emmerdale.”

@lyns8y agreed: “I think it’s Declan who is Chloe’s dad and Joe Tate is hiding in the bushes lol #emmerdale.”

“Has to be Declan, doesn’t it? Charity’s nemesis #Emmerdale,” @penniless_poet said (sic).

In a recent interview, Jessie Elland, who plays Chloe on the soap, addressed the rumours surrounding the identity of her character’s father.

The soap star remarked: “I do get the sense that Chloe knows her dad is fundamentally a bad person.

“She feels very trapped by him, scared of him, but at the end of the day he’s still her dad and she still loves him.

“So, it would be interesting to play out that dynamic and those emotions,” the actress told The Mirror.

If Declan is Chloe’s father, it would make sense that Kerry warned Charity to stay away.

Regular viewers will remember Declan fled the village in 2014 in a shocking murder plot storyline.

The villain attempted to kill his third wife Charity, but instead accidentally ended up killing his nephew Robbie Lawson (Jamie Shelton).

It was initially thought Declan was killed by Charity as she hit him over the head with a metal suitcase in self-defence.

However, he reappeared on the day of Robbie’s funeral, before running away from the village.

Could Declan soon return to Emmerdale and attempt to kill Charity once more? Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Emmerdale continues Wednesday at 7pm on ITV.

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