Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet Finch caught in the crossfire and ‘killed’ by Malone

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It seems every week, Harriet Finch’s (played by Katherine Dow Blyton) affair with Malone (Mark Womack) is getting one step closer to being exposed. This week’s soap spoilers have revealed how Moira Barton (Natalie J Robb) will be the first person to find out about the vicar’s naughty encounters with the corrupt cop. But it seems the possibility of her infidelity being revealed isn’t enough to stop Harriet from sneaking around. However, there is a chance her behaviour will catch up with her when Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) and Malone undoubtedly go head to head. Could Harriet be caught in the crossfire and end up being the one Emmerdale character who is supposedly killed this summer? 

In scenes set to air this week, viewers will see Harriet’s doubts over marrying will creep to the forefront. 

Despite best friend Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) offering an ear, Harriet keeps her cards close to her chest and tries to deal with her situation alone. 

Meeting with Malone, Harriet will tell him she doesn’t want him around anymore and has every intention for their affair to stop. 

But he will make it clear; he is going nowhere and Harriet is left feeling threatened, but also excited by the danger of him. 

She eventually succumbs to his charms, while Will is busy meeting with the Bishop to discuss details of their wedding. 


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Next week, Harriet will turn to God for help and forgiveness over her affair with Malone, and she will be interrupted by Malone. 

Despite protesting his advances, it looks like she and Malone are about to kiss, but they’re interrupted by Moira. 

Unable to lie, Moira is stunned when Harriet confesses about her affair and even more taken aback when she finds out why Malone is in the village. 

Harriet explains how Malone is involved with Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), Will and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) and the dodgy dealings at the garage. 

Meanwhile, after Malone ran into Dawn during Monday night’s episode outside the cafe and introduced himself, it won’t be long before Dawn tells Will about his appearance, and Will passes on the information to Cain. 

Next week, Will confronts Cain in front of several Woolpack punters, telling him Malone is back on the scene. 

In turn, Cain seeks out Malone and warns him to stay away from Emmerdale, but the Detective teases the bad boy and says he has a new interest in the village which is why he wants to stick around. 

Cain will jump to conclusions and assume Malone is talking about being romantically interested in his estranged wife Moira. 

In a bid to deter Moira from revealing his affair with Harriet, Malone stages a break-in at Butlers Farm and tells her to keep quiet about what she knows. 

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As she leaves, Cain is seen spying from one of the outbuildings and is left convinced Malone and Moira are having an affair. 

Later that evening, Cain receives a call to say Moira has been a victim of a hit and run… but it seems she won’t be the only one injured. 

During a discussion between several Emmerdale cast members and express.co.uk and other press, the actors who plays Harriet, Malone and Will discussed what is to come. 

Dean who plays Will, spoke about the scene when his character meets with the Bishop and Harriet is nowhere to be seen. 

[Will] just presumes that she’s [Harriet] out doing God’s work and doing what she always does. 


“She is not exactly a home bird all the time. I think he thinks she just got caught up and will do it again tomorrow,” he revealed. 

As for whether Malone’s intentions are pure and he really does like Harriet romantically, Mark said: “He has definitely got feelings for Harriet. I don’t think he realised that until he got there [Emmerdale]. 

“But the past they had together means something has rekindled in him and there’s definitely something there, for sure,” the newcomer added. 

When asked whether Malone could harm or kill anyone who is willing to expose his and Harriet’s affair, Mark continued: “Of course he would, yeah! Without a doubt. I think he probably already has!

“That’s the fun thing about playing these villains.” 


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With Malone willing to go as far as committing murder in order to keep his affair with Harriet a secret, does this mean viewers can expect an epic head-to-head between him and Will – and even Cain? 

The only person who is likely to stop their fight spiralling out of control is Harriet, but what if she ends up getting caught in the crossfire and being the one shot? 

It comes after ITV boss John Whiston accidentally let slip an Emmerdale secret; one character is going to end up in a body bag this summer.

Emmerdale airs Monday and Wednesdays at 7pm on ITV. 

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